Prediction of the daily prices of Ethereum (ETH) – 28 November


Medium-term trend ETH / USD: bearish

Resistance levels: $ 240, $ 250, $ 280
Support levels: $ 100, $ 90, $ 80

Yesterday, November 27, the price of Ethereum was in an uptrend. The uptrend started yesterday and entered the second day. Today, the price of cryptography has broken the 12-day EMA and is approaching the 26-day EMA.

However, if the price of the crypt breaks the two EMAs and remains above it; the digital currency will be in the uptrend zone. The price of Ethereum will start to rise. It seems that the bearish tendency has been reversed. Traders must look for purchase configurations in anticipation of an uptrend. Meanwhile, the MACD line and the signal line are below the zero line indicating a sales signal. The price is higher than the 12-day EMA indicating that the price is increasing.

Short-term ETH / USD trend: bullish

In the 1 hour chart, the price of the crypt is in an uptrend. The digital currency broke the 12-day EMA, the 26-day EMA and stayed on top of it. The price of the crypt is now in the uptrend zone. Traders can start long trades with a stop loss order below the $ 100 level.

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