Prediction of Ethereum prices: ether remains in the downward trend below $ 120


26 November 2018 16:16

The recovery of Ether's prices is facing many obstacles against the US dollar and bitcoin. The ETH / USD may decrease again as long as it will be less than $ 120.00.

Key points

The price of Ether recovered and tested the previous support at $ 120.00 against the US dollar.

A crucial bearish trendline is formed with resistance to $ 115.00 on the 2-hour chart of Eth / USD.

ETH / BTC is correcting higher towards the resistance level 0.0290BTC.

Technically, the 2-hour chart indicators are falling in bearish territory.

Price analysis of the ether

In the weekly analysis, we saw a strong rebound of the Ethics / USD starting from the minimum swing of $ 101.09. The pair rose above $ 105.00, $ 110.00 and $ 115.00 levels, but had to face strong resistance near the $ 120.00 level.

ETH / BTC also initiated a decent upward correction and exceeded the 0.0285BTC level. However, the pair is approaching a couple of major obstacles near the 0.0290BTC and 0.0292BTC levels.

Price analysis Ethereum ETH

Starting with the 2-hour chart of Eth / USD, the pair fell heavily towards the $ 100.00 support and stood at a low of $ 101.09. Later, there was a sharp correction above the resistance levels of $ 105.00, $ 110.00 and $ 115.00. The price also moved above the Fibonacci retracement level of 23.6 percent from the recent decline from a low of $ 138.78 to a low of $ 101.09.

However, the price met with greater resistance near the $ 120.00 level (previous support). The Fibonacci 50% retracement level of the recent decline also prevented gains of over $ 120.00 and $ 122.00.

More importantly, there is a crucial bearish trendline formed with resistance at $ 115.00 on the same chart. Ether clearly failed to overcome the resistance of $ 120.00 and is currently following the same downtrend line.

Chart of the price analysis of the ether

During the recent downturn, there was a rupture under an uptrend line, with support for $ 115.00 on the 30-minute chart. The price of Ether has tested the support of $ 107.00 and is currently consolidating losses.

On the upper side, an immediate resistance is $ 114.00, above which Ether must break resistance levels $ 115.00 and $ 120.00 to begin a solid short-term recovery. Otherwise, there is a risk of further losses of less than $ 105.00 and $ 100.00.

Important resistance levels

$ 115.00 and $ 120.00

Important support levels

$ 105.00 and $ 100.00

2 hours RSI

The RSI is well below the level 35.

MACD at 2 hours

The MACD is gaining ground in the bearish zone.

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