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Predicoin allows investors to cut the noise

Any cryptocurrency investor who closely monitors the markets will know how long it will take to flow more sources of information to help inform their decision-making process about when to buy or sell.

I spoke with Yohann Merran, founder and CEO of Predicoin, who explains how to avoid noise in cryptographic space and makes an analysis of market sentiment that helps investors make better decisions with due diligence.

"We decided to create the tool because our team that is invested in cryptocurrency has spent so much time running through so many tweets, post in reddit and so much online that it was almost humanly impossible to go, and that's why we created the tool and the technology, "he says.

"Collect all this information in one place."

Track trendy news

The Predicoin platform allows crypto traders to track trends and social media, gather current market sentiment for each cryptocurrency and compare different scores with price data.

The average retail crypto-investor spends "boring amounts of time" looking for the good, the bad and the ugly.

They have been working there since May 2018 and want to "cut all the noise to the most relevant information".


At the moment he says that "no one can call the bottom of the bear market, but a kind of rebound is due, nobody knows if it will be the bottom, but now is a good time to buy cryptography."

He says there have been so many waves in the market since 2013/4 and with crypt "the wave is getting bigger and bigger" with more people involved.

He compares technology to the first layer of technology companies involved in the Internet, such as AOL and Yahoo that were first generation.

In mid-September, Predicoin was able to detect the change in market sentiment following the news that Ripple XRP was collaborating with a bank. While the price rose sharply and Predicoin was "12 to 24 hours" in advance of this model, he says.

Hard fork

Likewise, the Bitcoin Cash fork was able to predict a sharp drop in price.

"We are trying to help people make informed decisions," he adds. There will be a subscription service starting in January.

Mass adoption is a bit out, but there are millions of active portfolios and this will continue to rise.

People are always resistant to new technologies, he says, "they were the same for both electricity and the Internet." It would have been the same over the years "when you were trying to explain the internet to people.

"When you start using technology, it's only then that you can see its real value."

First case of use

He compares the cryptocurrency "for example which e-mail was for the Internet.It is a case of first use, but blockchain has so many different markets".

He says it can be used "to make sure that voting systems are 100% transparent, to track tax payments made on the blockchain to governments, ensuring that there is no corruption".

"There are so many ways in which cryptography and technology can make the difference," he adds.

It predicts that 2019 will bring "stability after what happened with the 2017 race and all ICO projects that have not had a real use case and have been overvalued.

Healthy market

"We are working for a healthy market, as about 50% of the ICOs launched in 2017 have died and have not really been used, and I hope things will be calmer and quieter with the entrepreneurs who go to work".

Now is the time "to build next-generation technology on the blockchain".

He sees it become "more important than the internet now, and if we look at how we exchange information with cryptocurrency and how we trade value on the network, it's very powerful."

By Oliver Knight – December 30, 2018

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