Possible specifications of the OnePlus 9 smartphone


Possible specifications of the OnePlus 9 smartphone

The OnePlus 9 smartphone will be launched next year, but information about this phone has already appeared. Information about possible specifications and a possible picture with this future phone appeared.

It is possible that we have the first image and new information on the Chinese company’s OnePlus 9 smartphone, a few weeks after the debut of the 8T.

The 91mobile team claims to have obtained images with the smartphone that reveal key elements of the design. Although it will borrow specs such as flat screen, camera projection and 8T screen punch-hole camera, OnePlus 9 could have a screen with several inches of diagonal, more precisely 6.55 inches, but also a range of rear cameras. . which are similar to the Galaxy Note 20 range of phones.

The information indicates that there will be two main rooms in the back and a third which is secondary. It is not certain whether the sensors represent an evolution compared to the 8T smartphone.

There is still little information on other components. Previous information indicated that the OnePlus 9 phone will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 875 chip and will have a 120Hz screen.

Similar to the 8 range, the new range of phones could come with a base model, but also with a more advanced Pro model. OnePlus 9 smartphones are rumored to arrive in March.

There is no guarantee that the new OnePlus 9 smartphones in 2021 will have this design. OnePlus from China will take some time to optimize the shape of these phones if the specs change.

However, if this design is the real one, this indicates that the Chinese company does not intend to revolutionize its smartphones, at least not externally. What do you think of this company’s future phone?

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