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Early Thoughts

Bitcoin and Ethereum could be two of the most cryptocurrencies dominant in the current financial market, but this does not imply that they are absolutely feasible to be employed as global cryptocurrencies, due to some practical reasons. Scalability is one of the discouraging themes in the cryptocurrency space, in general. Bitcoin's blockchain had experienced congestion in the year 2017 and thanks to the extensive use of decentralized applications or Dapps as criptokitties, the Ethereum network has also experienced a huge traffic on its network Blockchain . As a result, there are over 1,500 varieties of cryptocurrencies up to date, but they have their own set of functional architectures. However, many of them are designed exclusively to improve inefficiencies in Bitcoin or Ethereum itself. We read of Nano Crypto and investing in Nano .

Nano Crypto

Nano Crypto is such a cryptocurrency that was discovered mainly to improvise Bitcoin scalability problems. The members of the cryptocurrency project felt somehow obliged to change the name of his initiative from Raiblocks ( XRB ) to Nanocurrency (NANO) . Key project members cited that the name was rather boring and boring within their community, and it was from their efforts that the name was changed to Nano Crypto . Not only the name, the website the logo of the project the portfolio, as well as the addresses, have been completely changed. The result was a 38% increase in its market valuation.

Nano Crypto to overcome the limits of Bitcoin

Due to latency limits in the case of Bitcoin Blockchain, the transactions would take about 164 minutes and due to the calculations of the Bruta Force required for mining, indirectly due to the Proof of Work consensus mechanism, it is estimated that on average the network Bitcoin Blockchain consumes 260 kWh of electricity for a single transaction. Take a moment to imagine the amount of electricity wasted on millions of transactions to be confirmed. Thus Nano Crypto aims to introduce into the cryptocurrency domain what the Bitcoin technology has not been able to


Foundation of Nano Crypto

Founded by Colin LeMahieu in 2015, the Nano Criptovaluta arose from all obscurity, nowhere in a coin at all the effects. Nano Crypto is also known as the third generation cryptocurrency project, such as Nano Crypto, which plans to transform the current cryptocurrency scenario, in which humans are facing bad transaction speeds and a cost high. Nano Crypto uses something known as a lattice block and deliberately avoids the concept of blockchain. The block lattice block system is also known as Direct Acyclic Chart. In this paradigm, each holder of currency accounts has the possibility to maintain a private Blockchain in which each block contains a single transaction.

Where to buy Nano Crypto?

A transaction is considered only when transfers are initiated from both sides. With its decentralization capabilities, Nano Crypto offers less payment for an instant transaction, immense scalability and a network without trust. Nano Crypto is designed in such a way that it can not be extracted and, recently, the market provides the maximum of 133,248,290 Nano Cryptos . One of the most preferred methods to buy them is to buy BTC or ETC and exchange it simply with Nano Crypto on exchanges like KuCoin, OKEx, BitFlip, Binance, etc. [19659003]

Nano Crypto and DPoS

The coins Nano Criptovaluta also incorporate the delegated mechanism Proof of Stake and the consent is obtained through the votes. The main objective of Nano Crypto is to become the standard form of the Internet that is exempt from political intervention. Any conflict within the encrypted domain can be resolved democratically with the vote. This also allows Nano Crypto, protection from centralization due to cryptocurrency mining.

Is Nano Crypto a good investment?

The cryptocurrency project seems quite futuristic when it comes to its roadmaps. In addition, the team members of Nano Crypto have a lot of experience in their respective fields. It is evident from the widespread adoption of Nano Crypto that everything is ready to become the future currency and it is absolutely worth investing for the long term 2018 year. Nonetheless, it is also responsible for daily trading purposes as the cryptocurrency market as a whole is highly volatile.


It would be absolutely a icing on the cake if the project Nano Crypto was successful in delivering its promises to customers within the cryptocurrency space. The alternative of the future Bitcoin is also very simple without complex complexity involved by incorporating technologies like Artificial Intelligence or Internet of Things . In addition, it is highly secure, since a hacker gets 51% access to the network, he needs to keep a huge part of the total market capitalization of Nano Crypto which is a huge amount.

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