Pope John Paul II ignored allegations of sexual abuse against former Archbishop McCarrick


The 461-page report, which media close to the Vatican describes as the church’s “painful case,” specifically talks about how former clergyman McCarrick, who had allegations of sexual abuse of children and young male priests in the 1970s and 80, both grew up within the Catholic Church.

According to the report, prior to his appointment as Archbishop of Washington in 2000, US Cardinal John O’Connor was forwarding sexual abuse allegations involving Pope John Paul II and McCarrick to the church, but the Vatican ruled this appointment based on information. incomplete. At this point, Pope John Paul II ignores the accusations in question and makes McCarrick’s appointment.

Pope Benedict XVI, the successor of Pope John Paul II, fired the priest because allegations about McCarrick made a comeback in 2005 and prompted him to retire early. At this point, the report claims that Pope Benedict XVI did not initiate a legal process for McCarrick, as the victims had no statements to confirm the allegations about McCarrick and the priest was not on duty.

The report recalls that the current Pope Francis first fired the old priest from cardinality and banned him completely from the church in 2018, just after the allegations against McCarrick turned into allegations with hard evidence in 2017.

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The US-based SNAP Solidarity Network for Sexual Abuse Victims welcomed the Vatican report on former Washington Cardinal and Archbishop Thedore McCarrick, stating that many more measures must be taken to prevent such abuse.

Referring to the report announced yesterday by the Vatican in today’s general admission session, Pope Franciscus said: “The painful McCarrick report was published yesterday. I would like to express my closeness to the victims.” She said.


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