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Pope Francis and the Arab world

The visit of Pope Benedict to the United Arab Emirates and the second in the far west: the Kingdom of Morocco. As for the people of the Holy Land, five years have passed since the historic visit in 2014 to Jordan and Palestine, my dear ones. He also visited his sister Egypt two years ago and opened a conference called by Sheikh Al-Azhar.

The Pope's visits require two invitations: the first by the host government and the second by the Catholic Church. Whenever there are meetings with officials and diplomatic representatives, there is also a religious "mass" in which Christian groups participate, as well as meetings with the various religious communities.

What distinguishes the visit of the United Arab Emirates, as well as the Kingdom of Morocco (with some exceptions), is that the indigenous citizens do not have Christians, but they are all Muslims, and Christians come to work, live and live in dignity. It was not the first time that Morocco received the Pope. Pope John Paul II came to them in 1985 and met in one of the big stadiums with young Muslims. It was the first time that the head of the Catholic Church spoke to young Muslims and the meeting was a positive global point in the history of Muslim-Christian dialogue. As for the Arab Emirates, the community is a wonderful and pioneering community, a tender mosaic based on mutual respect and freedom of worship, which counts the contribution of every "expatriate" to the development of society and the availability of time, efforts and scientific efficiency in exchange for high financial income. Compared to the country of origin and quality education for children.

The Pope's visit to the United Arab Emirates coincides with an international conference on "Human Brotherhood", one of the most beautiful expressions, which overcomes the word dialogue, common life and futile futility, to the extent that the human family is considered a home warm for brothers and sisters. Therefore, the United Arab Emirates have also announced that the Year of Tolerance will be the bright lamp of the year and the positive effects of a great visit such as the visit of Pope Francis, who is usually accompanied by a & # 39; broad media coverage in the wider Catholic world.

It is a great honor for us, the Arabs, to see the diplomacy of the Holy See close to our Arab countries and to sympathize with our regional issues that have turned into international issues, in particular the Palestinian question and the issue of refugees and displaced persons. A few days ago, during his annual meeting with the diplomatic family represented at the Vatican, the Pope greeted the efforts of Jordan and Lebanon in the "fraternal welcome" of refugees in their communities. He also reiterated the Holy See's appeal for a two-state solution in Palestine, calling for bilateral negotiations.

As for the meeting between Muslims and Christians, there will be no doubt that after the Pope's visit to the two sisters, the United Arab Emirates and Morocco, a new impetus will not stop at the words and speeches exchanged between Muslims of this time and the Christians to serve humanity and humanity, the atmosphere of justice and peace, respect for religious freedom and the search for the best ways to serve the poor, as well as protecting the environment that is a concern of the consciousness of the living conscience.

Holiness, welcome back to our Arab countries.


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