PlayStation 5 Review – True next-generation sensation with the right line-up of games


Right now, it’s not really an easy time to bring new hardware to market and, more importantly, deliver it on time to individual families during a pandemic for countless delivery service providers around the world. So we hope at this point that our readers / fans / subscribers are doing well and that you receive your pre-orders on time. PlayStation gave us a test device a good week ago, we were able to extensively test a large part of the launch line-up and tackled the new controller and the many new PlayStation 5 features for you. As always, you can read in our test what the console can really do and what it still has a bit of a hiccup with.

As with Xbox Series X, the scope of delivery is very straightforward and straightforward.

The construction and the first set up

Beyond the manageable scope, the initial setup is really simple. The included base allows you to fix the console horizontally or vertically using a short craft insert with a screw. Even with the latter, you don’t have to be afraid that it will degenerate into an Ikea session with full instructions. Both types are clearly illustrated on a small page. This means that the dimensions of the console can also be individually adapted to your living situation. You can take the first steps on the console itself surprisingly quickly. Just a quick question if you want to install entertainment apps like Disney +, Amazon Prime or Netflix stops the “stream” for a short time. If your PS4 is on and in the same network, you can also immediately transfer your saved games and games. We only recommend that you select the saved games here, as you can download individual games much faster directly from the store to your PS5.

A good 32GB of memory was transferred in minutes with no problems.

The PS5 should have finally invested in better servers. Download speeds no longer seem limited, as they often did on PS4. So, if you have a 100Mbit + line available, you can now fully use it on your PS5. The PS5 games released so far are also surprisingly small. Spider-Man Remastered takes up just 53GB of space, closely followed by Demon souls with 52 GB. Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War obviously remains an outlier on all platforms with 148.5GB without Warzone and 60 GB just for the campaign. Like on PlayStation 4, the new UI welcomes you to PlayStation’s main focus: games. Sony continues to focus on the latest generation and let the games speak for the console. Some PS4 games now have their own theme on the menu, which plays when you select them and prepare a little for what to expect after starting. The clean and simple overview is convincing and is continued in the shop as well. The PlayStation Plus button will take you directly to your PS Plus games of the month and the new PS Plus collection, where newcomers will find some of the best PS4 games available. Despite the simple structure, the PS5 has received some really useful and successful new features. Your profile now shows you pretty accurately how many hours you’ve actually spent with a game, and what’s more, this feature has been extended to all of your PS4 games. We weren’t able to check if it recorded all of our 500+ games correctly, but among many other innovations, this feature proved to be very effective.

Playtime PS5 games

More immersion and functionality

Despite the elimination of an optical output in this generation, the PS5’s focus is on audio. With Tempest 3D AudioTech you get an enhanced audio experience through compatible earphones. Unfortunately, the compatibility of other devices has not been extended here, but only on the internal hardware. Bluetooth headsets are also not accepted by the PS5 without a USB receiver. As with the X series, some readers only have the option to use adapter solutions or purchase supported peripherals. Fortunately, what is included with the console is the new DualSense controller. This is where the true new generation feeling emerges for the first time. Tactile feedback and adaptive triggers prove to be “revolutionary”. Both in Sackboy, Spider-Man, Demon’s Souls or also Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, the new features are awesome. In Demon souls For example, noises such as soul absorption are played into the controller’s microphone, the controller vibrates, and even triggers can be calibrated differently for each game. With shooters or the use of bows in games, you can clearly see the difference. It’s a bit strange at first, but there’s something here suitable for importing Astro’s playroom Pre-installed on every PS5, serving as a nostalgic journey and introduction to new DualSense features.

Every PS5 game already offers extensive configuration options for the DualSense controller.

In principle, we turned off the audio functions relatively quickly and also turned off the microphone, as you can automatically communicate with your viewers via the controller during live broadcasts without an additional microphone. Here, too, many other areas can now be adjusted. You can set whether to display Twitch viewer comments, the number of viewers, and whether or not the controller’s microphone should play audio. The countless features have a small disadvantage: the controller’s battery doesn’t last too long. Despite the deactivation of the audio and microphone functions, the controller must be recharged after 10 hours. If you really turn off all features, you can extend this time a bit, but this also greatly reduces the gaming experience. What probably still won’t work correctly until the November 19 launch in Europe is the detection of externally installed PS4 games and the transfer of saved data. The rescue transfer from Spider-Man Miles Morales it is structured quite simply with uploading and downloading of states to the respective console, but currently it does not work properly for many users. The console also has difficulty with external hard drives. Unlike the Xbox Series X, it recognizes which games are available twice, internally and externally, but then continuously delivers error messages and can cause your console to crash. We hope to find a solution soon, soon to be officially released in Europe next week.

This is what PS5 discs inserted into a PlayStation 4 look like in case someone wonders if cross-gen titles are recognized.

Fast games and load times give PS5 momentum

Despite minor teething problems at launch, the PS5 has so far performed flawlessly in all test scenarios and offers blazingly fast load times (seconds in Miles Morales) and a surprisingly diverse line-up of games. We didn’t expect how good you were Astro’s playroom, Bugsnax is Sackboy: a great adventure after some tough turns Demon souls it can go out. The only real PS5 titles are here, of course Astro’s playroom is Demon souls, but these two show what this console has to offer. With some really small differences between PS5 and Series X, for example Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the PS5 was leading the game until the launch of the first big game of the Xbox Series X. Also 2021 will likely be with Gran Turismo 7, God of War 2, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is Forbidden west horizon It’s going to be a damn good year for the console, despite the fact that many of the titles mentioned are still out for PlayStation 4. We haven’t noticed any difference to the X Series in terms of volume. Both give a sign of life with up to one disc in the drive and are silent both in sleep mode and in the game itself. PS4 compatibility seems a bit mixed in practice – some games now work better (Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima), others get updates first (NioH 2, Doom Eternal) and still others cannot be started or come with warnings (Assassin’s Creed Syndicate). There is still a clear need for improvement here.

We have already been able to test these PS5 games in the last few days.

The PS5 follows a much more closed exclusive path in contrast to the Xbox Series X / S, which gives it a good edge in terms of playful incentives at first, but still leaves the competition between the two exciting and open. If you are looking for a new generation experience and want to acquire a truly new gaming experience, you will surely enjoy PlayStation 5.


Despite the potential for improvement in some areas of compatibility, we were absolutely delighted with the PlayStation 5. If you’re ready to almost completely leave the latest generation behind, the DualSense controller, fast load times and impressive graphics performance with the right game line-up will give you a true next generation experience.


+ Intuitive and simple from the structure to the entire user interface

+ The DualSense controller surprisingly proves to be the highlight of the new generation

+ Load times and graphics performance on par with the X Series and sometimes even better

+ Exclusive games constantly convince


– Some teething issues at first cloud down compatibility efforts (memory transfer, external hard drive issues, 1440p support / missing web browser, etc.)

– Controller battery doesn’t last very long despite new features being disabled

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