PlayStation 5. Price and features of the new Sony console


PlayStation 5, the new console Sony which will be launched this Thursday, November 12 in Mexico, has aroused a lot of excitement in the players, who, after the departure of the Xbox Series X a few days ago, are eager to see the news of its main competitor.

Although not everything is uncertain about this next-generation console, as some features have already been revealed by the company chaired by Jim Ryan. Below we will tell you everything that has been spread on the PS5.

Online sale only on launch day

No units will be available in stores for purchase on launch daySony warned on the PlayStation blog, where it reported that this measure aims to “keep gamers, retailers and staff safe” amid the covid-19 pandemic.

The company wanted to anticipate the intentions of many of the brand’s followers, and therefore urges them to stay home. “Don’t think about camping out or queuing up at your local retailer’s store on launch day hoping to find a PS5 console to buy. Stay safe, stay home and order online,” said SIE’s director of communications. Sid Shuman.

How much does the PlayStation 5 cost?

The cost it will have in our country will be 13 thousand 999 pesos. Also, the presale is already active, he shared the official PlayStation Mexico account on Twitter, although he recently added that there were only 10 consoles available in this mode.

This is the console inside

The console has dimensions of 104mm wide, 390mm high and 260mm deep, which makes it bigger than its predecessor, the PlayStation 4. It also has it two USB ports, one type-C and one type-A, on the front, compatible with Hi-Speed ​​USB.

For its part, in the back, the console includes two more USB Type A ports that can also transfer data at a speed of 10 Gbps, a LAN port, an HDMI port and a power port.

Likewise, users can choose between placing the console vertically or horizontally, since it is possible to change the place where the base is located, which includes a space to store the removed screws. They can also remove the white panels which are located on the sides of the console by lifting one of the corners and sliding it.

The console has a double fan of 120mm in diameter and 45mm thick. And it also includes a dedicated port for future storage expansion, qIt has a PCIe 4.0 compliant M.2 interface.

New user interface

Sony Vice President of Platform Planning and Management, Hideaki Nishino, said the new interface “introduces several new features designed to make your gaming experiences more fun, engaging, personalized and social.”

Among other things, the new user interface of the PlayStation 5 has a new control center, with which users can have “immediate” access to almost the entire system.

Another new feature of the user interface is the function Activities, which is displayed by cards in the control center and allows you to discover new game opportunities or jump directly to the levels desired by the player, among other things.

Compatible with Netflix and other platforms

The console will incorporate an entertainment section called Average which will be next to the main screen of the game, to be able to quickly switch from one content to another.

In this space of PS5 the main video and music streaming services will be downloaded: Netflix, Apple TV, Disney +, Spotify, Twitch and YouTube.

DualSense, the new wireless controller

DualSense, the console’s wireless controller, features new adaptive triggers that are critical tactile system of the device, to expand the sensations that are transmitted to the musician and whose gears have been exposed along with their functioning.

Sony said in a statement that the tactile technology built into DualSense allows for this simulate the drag of the steering wheel when driving in mud and the new adaptive triggers reproduce the stress of loading and launching an arrow.

No support for the resolution of 1440 pixels

PlayStation 5 will not support native resolution at 1440 pixels, which may be irrelevant for gamers looking to play at 1080 pixels maximum, but not for PC users with gaming monitors.

No blocking by region

The absence of regional blocking on PlayStation 5 video games means that players will be able to enter title discs purchased in other countries and play smoothly.

Sony confirmed this functionality in its latest Q&A for the new console, where it also confirmed other features such as compatibility of your video game streaming service PlayStation Now.

Using this service it will be possible to play video games for several generations of Sony consoles, including some classic titles for PlayStation 3 and 2 available in their catalog.



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