Players criticize the Season 7 Battle Pass


A season 7 Apex Legends may have brought a new map, a new legend and many other new features, but the truth is that users always find flaws and this time it is Battle Pass this is to be criticized.

With this new season of Apex Legends, a new Battle Pass system has also arrived which includes the collection of “Battle Stars”. Unfortunately, this new system is clearly not unanimous and many denounce its very grindy side, forcing players to spend a lot of time on it. In a topic posted on the Apex Legends subreddit (here), criticism has piled up on this new Battle Pass, and it has already garnered nearly 20,000 positive votes (as of this writing).

Most of these analyzes are mainly aimed at the new system “Battle Stars”: “These new challenges and the Battle Stars system are extremely difficult … I have completed all my daily missions and have not yet passed levels 1 to 2.”

Apex Legends season 7 Battle Pass heavily criticized

For programmers, finding a balance between satisfying challenges and useful rewards is the key to keeping players engaged and dedicated in their game. When we see these comments, we tend to believe that they are real, and that the Battle Pass is completely unbalanced and that a solution must be found as soon as possible.

Apex Legends temporada 7

Of course, player discontent wouldn’t be as strong if the rewards were up to the task. Unfortunately, for many, the rewards involved are generally mediocre, and players are asking Respawn for an urgent solution. It is that more and more players believe that the company is following this path to make more and more profits, and the most likely thing, if they continue with this strategy, is that thousands of players will opt for another Battle Royale, as the offer is each always. bigger.

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