Platio Banking Platform confirms collaboration with Ripple


London-based smart banking platform, Platio recently confirmed the news of entering into a partnership with Ripple. The confirmation was made on the official Twitter page of the company as a response to a follower's post. Platio's original message stated: "We have an agreement with Ripple, we will integrate with the xVia function of Ripple to transmit payments".

In a previous white paper published by the company, the authors mentioned the name of Ripple many times and so the recent discussion on the social platform was eventually linked to that aspect.

According to the previous white paper published, "the Platio Ecosystem will be based on a perfectly managed mobile and web interface, in which users will have all the data and tools necessary for the instant transaction with encryption, fiat or The Platio platform will be built on EOS technology, capable of hosting the regular and planned interactions of the multi-level ecosystem of Platio ".

He also confirmed that the platform is powered by the PGAS of the ERC 20 token and that it will aim to integrate all the features of Platio inside. It will also be used for all internal commissions and fees related to the platform.

Platio aims to offer payment and remittance services through SWIFT / SEPA / Ripple payment networks. "In the Platio ecosystem, all cryptographic and fiat supported resources can function as a means of payment using SWIFT / SEPA / Ripple, including third-party and international payments.The payments to be made by converting the cryptocurrency into fiat will be performed with the # 39; help with an integrated automatic exchange, "further explained the document.

So, as a result of the recently confirmed partnership, the company will use Ripple's xVia interface to allow cross-border payments across multiple networks.

The CEO of Platio, Dima Okhrimchuk, previously explained the company's mission by stating: "Platio aims to exploit the best features of encrypted and fiat financial systems." Our Smart Banking ecosystem is bound to increase trust in the crypt as a resource and guide its global adoption ".

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