Platform available to buy Bitcoin and Petros with bolivar


From now on, users can make purchases of Bitcoin and Petros, with sovereign bolivars through the Venezuela Exchange registered with the National Superintendency of Cryptocurrencies and Related Activities (Sunacrip), using the same username and password as PetroApp, through the portal

Vex allows secure transactions free of fraud, with the protection of the Treasury of the Cryptoactives of Venezuela, a body that guarantees the transparency of transactions.

The new digital platform in the trading market has four main modules: Balance Sheet, Announcements, Activities and Settings. In Balance, users will be able to view all the cryptocurrencies they have in their wallet (BTC, LTC, DASH, PTR), observe a balance in Bolívares; as well as having a summary of the last 10 operations available.

In “Announcements”, interested parties have a detailed perception of the exchanges available for buying and selling crypto assets, they also have the ability to create their own offers.

You will be able to register the bank accounts that you will use to process withdrawals in the “Venezuela Exchange Adjustment” form. Another function that can be used is the user profile section and email validation.

To protect Venezuelan income, this new exchange platform offers an improved interface aimed at providing users with better access to financial technology products, as well as cryptocurrency trading, ensuring transparency and reliability in transactions. / AVN

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