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Plan B that Theresa May brought to parliament is Plan A 2.0

the The expectation was great, but the Plan B for Brexit that Theresa May presented this Monday to the House of Commons of the British Parliament differs little from Plan A. In fact, it actually looks like a slightly different version of the plan agreed with the European Union.

According to the BBC, the prime minister began "regretting" not to meet Jeremy Corbyn to discuss this B plan for Brexit. Recall that the leader of the Labor party has imposed as a condition to meet the leader of the British government to reject a Brexit scenario without agreement.

May has faced this preliminary condition. "The correct way to avoid an exit without agreement is with the approval in this Chamber of an agreement or if you avoid the article 50".

The prime minister added this too it is "unlikely" that the EU can accept an extension of Article 50 without a plan for Brexit.

In her long-awaited speech, Theresa May also addressed the possibility of a second referendum, something that has been carried forward with increasing consistency in the face of a deadlock in the approval of an agreement in parliament. Considering that a second referendum could open a "precedent with implications for future referendums", the British leader said he did not "believe that there is a parliamentary majority for a second referendum".

According to the logic that has maintained up to here, the head of state has also faced what was the great obstacle to understanding. The backstop at the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. "This agreement will not be reopened," he said, contradicting some of the information released this morning in the British press.

Reporting that this will be a new phase of negotiations to unblock this stalemate, May has announced further meetings with British parliamentary leaders promising that her government will be more "flexible" and "inclusive".

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