Pizza is an innocent food. The conditions in which it can be consumed without problems


Mihaela Bilic spoke to Digi24 about pizza, a food appreciated and consumed on many occasions by many people. The nutritionist says it is “an innocent food”, but we must eat it with few conditions. If we do hard physical work, if we play sports and, last but not least, depending on our metabolism.

Mihaela Bilic, nutritionist: Eat the pizza. It is such innocent food. Last week I realized it was World Sandwich Day and I really thought that sandwich was a poorer type of pizza. We have a lot of bread in the pizza. It’s a food of the poor … I think every people has this culture for floury foods, and if it can be floury mixed with fat, it’s something our senses go crazy for this combination.

It’s filling, nutritious, available to anyone. And after all, what do we have? A piece of pasta on which we put some cheese and a few pieces of ham, be careful.

On how much is consumed, everyone’s figure has to say, and then I would say the degree of sedentary lifestyle. Because what we have there – a mixture of fat and flour, which is easy to turn into fat deposits and extra pounds, if we don’t consume this energy that we give to the body.

Here is our metabolic fair play and strictly the hot part. When we allow ourselves, or do hard physical work, or, I know, do a lot of sports, we can eat safely. I mean, this is that piece of flour on the plate. I think we can eat two, three triangles of pizza instead of bread or half a pizza without any problems.

Publisher: Liviu Cojan


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