PIVX launches the first dedicated Proof-of-Stake Wallet on iOS


Despite Apple's recent position with regard to cryptocurrency apps in its App Store, private currency PIVX has just managed to launch their app wallet for iOS devices. This change could represent a fundamental change in the way cryptographic apps are processed on Apple platforms. But how did the team overcome the restrictions? And more importantly, what does this mean for PIVX and other similar cryptocurrencies based on privacy?

Pivx iOS wallet

Money in your pocket, not on your computer

Cryptographic coins for privacy have found themselves in a unique position in the financial world. While some have gotten a great deal of attention (XMR comes to mind), others are still on the sidelines waiting for their moment to shine.

PIVX has seen a steady growth in users in recent years since its inception, but prices have also seen a lot of volatility. The coin was launched with a market price of a few cents, then it reached $ 15 each, before cooling down and reaching the current daily average of just under a dollar.

With that out of the way, we move on to the main point. Most people make a lot of purchases online today, so a desktop-based portfolio might be fine. However, shopping face-to-face in stores or between acquaintances is still a common reality. Furthermore, a low-cost smartphone could be the only way for some of the less fortunate access cryptocurrencies. In other words, a & app; mobile wallet app is essential for the adoption of this segment of the population.

That's why many projects push to start their portfolio on as many platforms as possible.

So far, the Google Play Store for Android devices has been much more forgiving when it comes to allowing cryptocurrency apps. Apple and its App Store are much stiffer, especially when it comes to apps related to cryptocurrency.

According to official blog posts, the PIVX team tried to get their wallet on the Apple App Store for at least a full year. In the end, the team was finally able to reach the milestone of being the first proof-of-stake privacy coin with its app on the Apple App Store. In their announcement, the group states that this venture was accomplished thanks to an active member of the community who was able to release the app through an LLC company based in Italy. That's why the app is currently on sale as "CAMERA LUCIDA SRL SIMPLIFIED".

It is not the first mobile solution for PIVX

Before this announcement, the only way for iOS users to access PIVX on their mobile devices was to use the Coinomi multi-currency wallet. While Coinomi offered a fully functional means to send and receive PIV units (we'll talk about this later), unfortunately it did not support the privacy features offered by the system. This is because in order to send a private transaction, you first need to "tick" what is called zPIV. These zPIV units can therefore be sent completely anonymously to any address where they will become PIV at the receiving address. Unfortunately, without this critical ability to handle zPIV, Coinomi did not support PIVX's essential privacy features.

Privacy Cryptocurrencies

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While the new official PIVX app is now available, unfortunately it does not immediately support zPIV. The PIVX team has stated that this is their next goal for the app. Now that the app is available in the Google and Apple app stores, updates like this are much easier to implement as they will not have to wait for further approvals from Apple.

Why is this important?

The interesting thing about this situation is not just that another cryptocurrency project has launched an app wallet. Instead, it's a sign that Apple is finally coming to terms with the cryptocurrency apps. This will pave the way for other projects to launch their apps on the Apple App Store, which in turn will likely stimulate innovation in mobile cryptographic space. And while PIVX is far from the first encryption app on the platform, the good news is that it will be far from the last.

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