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Many Arab artists sang the patriotic or political song, and this type of song appeared in their experiences, along with their thrilling songs, such as Abdel Halim Hafez, who sang “My National and the High Dam”, or Sherifa Fadel who has sang “Umm Al-Batal” and more that.

On the other hand, many Arab artists have appeared who have taken the political song in a style that has marked their artistic career, and have met with response several times, as they often expressed the pulse of the Arab street and the fluctuations that afflict it.

Sheikh Imam
A late Egyptian artist, he met the poet Ahmed Fouad Negm in 1962, and they formed an artistic duo, expressing the reality of the Arabs after the 1967 defeat.


Abu Arab:
Abu Arab, a deceased Palestinian poet and singer, presented the first song in 1956. He founded his band in Jordan in 1980, and it was called “Palestine Folklore Band”, then changed its name to Naji Al-Ali.

Marcel Khalife
Lebanese composer, singer and oud player, after graduating from Beirut National Institute of Music, he began his career in the 1970s, singing the poems of the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish.

Sami Hawat
After graduating from the Conservatory, a Lebanese artist devoted himself to composition and singing, sang for Palestine and the homeland and performed numerous concerts and songs in different countries with his orchestra

Ahmed Kaabour
Lebanese artist, rich for the land and for Palestine, some see him as a committed artist. His most famous song, “I Call You”, was written by the Palestinian poet Tawfiq Ziad. He began his artistic career as an actor, before turning to music.

Jafar Hassan
Jaafar Hassan is an Iraqi artist. He has worked on patriotic, political and humanitarian songs. Before devoting himself to documenting Iraqi heritage, he worked for a period at the Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi.


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