Photo / Trump makes his first official appearance since losing the election


The president only addressed the nation via Twitter, and did not accept his defeat to Biden.


The President of the United States, Donald Trump, made his first official appearance since the elections on Wednesday 11 November, on the occasion of Veterans Day, the traditional moment of unity of the country, now clouded by his refusal to recognize the victory of Joe Biden.

The Republican president attended a ceremony held in the rain before noon at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, four days after US media reported, based on projections of official results, that his Democratic rival won the Presidential Elections.

Since then, Trump has only addressed the nation via Twitter and has not accepted his defeat at Biden, as is tradition in the United States once a winner is screened in an election.

The Republican has remained locked up in the presidential villa, claiming he is about to win and sue for alleged electoral fraud, so far supported only by very flimsy evidence.

On Wednesday morning, he tweeted again with no evidence that he had won the election and suffered vote manipulation, despite the consensus of international observers, world leaders, local election officials and the media that the November 3 vote was transparent and they did not. shown no credible evidence of fraud.

Trump criticized a “possibly illegal” poll shortly before election day that said it deterred Republican voters by showing them 17 points behind Biden in Wisconsin, even though the race was tied.

Although Biden was declared the winner in Wisconsin, the president added he was on track to win in that state.

Some Republicans joined the growing demands for the president to assume he had lost, and experts warned that his refusal to do so was damaging the democratic process and delaying the transition to a Biden government, scheduled to open on January 20. .

Among them was Montana Republican Secretary of State Corey Stapleton, who highlighted the “amazing things” Trump has accomplished during his tenure. “But that time is over. Take off your hat, bite your lip and congratulate @JoeBiden,” she tweeted.


Yet some of the GOP’s most powerful figures, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, appear to be supporting Trump in his attempt to undermine Biden’s victory.

“There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration,” Pompeo said Tuesday during a tense press conference on Tuesday, while McConnell said the president is “100 percent in his rights” to challenge the elections in court.

But the Democrat’s lead in several key states is insurmountable and would not seem to change even if the causes were to thrive, or after the planned recount in Georgia, a Republican stronghold where Biden’s triumph was predicted.

“I just think it’s embarrassing, frankly,” Biden said Tuesday, when asked what he thought of the president’s refusal to admit defeat.

But Biden seems to ignore it. “The fact that they are unwilling to admit that we have won at this point has no major consequences in our planning,” said the Democrat, who is already working on preparing his hiring.

The president-elect and his wife, Jill, attended a ceremony at a Korean War memorial in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

Since announcing his victory on Saturday, Biden has given a speech to the nation, set up a coronavirus task force, spoke with world leaders (including Trump’s allies), and began studying the makeup of his administration.

Trump’s only known activity outside the White House was playing golf twice over the weekend after the results were announced.

Confidential intelligence meetings, routine for a president, were not scheduled on a daily basis. He also didn’t mention the strong rebound of covid-19 in the US.

Trump’s only significant presidential action was the abrupt dismissal of Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Monday, also via Twitter.

His inability to admit defeat has no legal value in and of itself, but the General Services Administration, the agency that manages the Washington bureaucracy, has refused to approve the funds and mechanisms provided for the transition.


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