“Peaceful transition” in the US? Pompeo says yes, but for Trump’s second term – Observer


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo refuses to acknowledge Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election, and on Tuesday promised a “peaceful transition” to the second term for incumbent President Donald Trump.

“We will count all the votes”Pompeo said during a press conference, making sure leaders around the world are aware that this is a “legal process” that “takes time”, referring to the recounting and complaints of Republicans election results in several states.

“The world must be fully confident that the transition necessary for the State Department to be effectively operational today and effectively operational for the President who takes office in the afternoon of January 20 will be a successful transition,” said the head of US diplomacy.

Pompeo proved his in line with Donald Trump’s position, who used his personal account on the social network Twitter to say he won the election and that the candidacy of Joe Biden and the Democrats are trying to improperly claim victory, using “election fraud”.

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“This department is fully committed to ensuring that elections around the world are safe, free and fair. My agents are risking their lives to make sure this is also the case, “Pompeo insisted, saying it was” ridiculous “to assume that Donald Trump’s position is undermining those efforts.

Several leaders from US allied countries, such as France, the UK, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and even Israel, have already welcomed Joe Biden for his election.

however, the The outgoing Republican president continues to refuse to acknowledge his defeat and promises to fight in court to get the results reversed, claiming there has been electoral fraud, although he presents no evidence of this charge.

On the Republican side, only a few moderate senators recognize the Democrat’s victory, with many others siding with Donald Trump and still others assuming only that the trial needs to end, after the vote recount and judicial decisions still pending.

The Republican Party and the White House split over Trump’s refusal to acknowledge defeat

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