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Patreon is shooting at his feet while Bitcoin gives him the gun. Jordan Peterson accepts bitcoin on his website!

"No platform, sometimes deplatforming, is a form of boycott in which a person or organization is denied a platform to speak. "- Wikipedia

This is the last tool that gigantic technological societies use to mitigate the voices of people or organizations whose opinion on the social and political situation is different and unwelcome.

Jordan Peterson, popular professor of psychology, lawyer on duty,
it's just one of many people who have decided to start accepting Bitcoin donations
on his website.

Peterson recently reacted to Patreon's controversy, a
crowdfunding platform used by online creators looking for alternative ways to
financing, selectively banning various creators / supporters of free speech for seemingly
politically motivated reasons. Peterson criticized these practices:

"Imagine if the banks
he started to cancel the accounts of people who did not commit any crime but they did
do not respect their corporate mission? We would have political banks ".

Since then the man has been swarmed by a number of people
suggesting that it should switch to Bitcoin, the payment system it was
built to counter politics and censorship in finance. A Twitter user summed it up

"The answer lies in an emerging sector that has been
developing from the crash of 2008: cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin driving the
packaging; an independent, open source, peer-to-peer cash system with an immutable value,
public ledger. "

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It would appear that Peterson was aware of Bitcoin before or was enlightened by the large number of pro-cryptocurrency messages on his social media as his website currently offers a way to donate Bitcoin. As traditional payment platforms start to become more political and more restrictive in terms of who gets the right to get paid for their work, we should expect to see even more creative embrace cryptocurrency payment options.

Because this site sums it up well, bitcoin is not an option, but the option for depleted items.

"It has become obvious that every open way will be used to shut down people if they marry unpopular opinions.There is perhaps a way to fight this kind of thing inside the system, but as a technician I am more interested in forward-looking solutions. that completely elude the problem.

Bitcoin is that solution.

A decentralized network can not be harassed in dropping one of its users. You can not be politically pressured to silence someone. It can not be bought. He can not shadow you. It's open to everyone, and it's unstoppable.

My message to Gab and to all the others colliding with pedantic and petty censors: be serious about promoting the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Your livelihood could depend on this. "

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