Patch in Demon’s Souls Remake: quests, items, rewards …

We tell you all about Patches, one of the characters of Demon’s Souls Remake: associated missions, items that can be purchased from him, rewards for doing something specific with him …

Demon’s Souls Remake It has a good number of characters that we can meet. Each of them joined together missions, rewards or items that can be purchased by you. In this case we will talk about it Patch, hyena.

Demon's Souls Remake - Nexus Patches

Patch: mission, items and rewards

  • The patches appear for the first time in Tnel Stone Fang – The City Tnel. Be on the cliff that goes down with the elevator, near one of the giant fire ticks.
  • Keep in mind that if you talk to him before taking the club’s weapon, I’m ambushing you.
  • After that, be in the Nexus, among the upper Archstones and is a seller.
  • Later you can go to the internal pavilion from Palazzo Boletaria until you take out the boss. If he leaves, you need to find him there so he can return to the Nexus.
  • Patches does not have an associated mission beyond these minor events.
  • Yes the kill drop the file Thief ring.

Items for sale

  • Crescent Grass – 300 souls.
  • Waning Moon Grass – 500 souls.
  • Full Moon Grass – 1,000 souls.
  • Fresh spices – 800 souls.
  • Archstone Shard – 5,000 souls.
  • Heavy Arrow – 30 souls.
  • Heavy Virote – 30 souls.
  • Scented ring – 60,000 souls.
  • Barbarian clothing – 300 souls.
  • Barbarian Bracers – 150 souls.
  • Barbarian Leggings – 200 souls.


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