Paragon collaborates with civic technologies to offer transparency, …


Paragon, a blockchain company that develops seed-to-sales tracking solutions for the marijuana industry, is working with Civic Technologies Inc., a digital identity company, to provide secure identity services and reliable to the digital community of Paragon. Customers can now provide state-issued IDs or driving licenses to verify their identity on Paragon, making it even more responsible for government regulations and strengthening compliance with the platform's age regulations.

"Using ID verification, we are holding back the responsible users, which brings an additional level of transparency and trust to the industry.The ability to easily identify you through Civic provides easy access to our users in situations such as verification of age at a dispensary, "said Jessica VerSteeg, CEO of Paragon Bitcoin Magazine .

In our interview, he went on to explain what inspired you to build the company in the first place.

"When I ran Au Box, a monthly subscription service that provides members with a curated cannabis-based box, I came across a big problem," he explains. "A parent called me to ask for lab results for one of the products in the box because they wanted to give it to their children with epilepsy, I ended up calling the lab and I noticed that the results did not match what the supplier he was claiming, which made me realize how many companies could give false results in the lab – offering mold-positive flowers and sold as "weed" or flower that had been sprayed with pesticides and sold as "organic".

He continued to say: "I did not feel entitled to provide customers with products that were not clean and of high quality, so I started to monitor everything on the blockchain for Au Box, and later I realized that I was creating something 39; whole industry could have benefited, so I built Paragon. "

One of the biggest problems that the cannabis industry is facing is the current seed-to-sales monitoring software can be compromised." VerSteeg says this problem affects the whole chain of supply and consumers may be given inaccurate product information and, in the worst case, erroneous consumables.

He says that by implementing a blockchain solution and using smart contracts, now there is an immutable ledger and a complete library of documents that tests every move the industry produces – not only will it make the industry chain more reliable, it will also make it easier to comply with federal and state regulations.

"With the legalization of increasingly popular recreational and medicinal cannabis, it is now more important than ever that those in the industry are licensed and compliant, "he says." What we are doing is providing a flat safe and reliable form to ensure that every user in the supply chain, from growers, to laboratories, to producers, etc. Be honest about their products and services, thus bringing ease to consumers, doctors and government.

In addition, Paragon is also preparing to launch the first phase of its new mobile application. Users will soon be able to access a Paragon portfolio (PRG) in the app, where they can send and request payments from companies and individuals within the cannabis space.

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