Ozone therapy is applied to patients with covid-19 at HUM


“The therapy is a drug that contains 97% oxygen and 3% ozone which acts by allowing the natural biological reaction of the organism”; explained Dr. Edwin Parra, coordinator of the application of this healing method.

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For more than two months, ozone therapy has become a preventive and curative health method for covid-19 patients who are hospitalized at the Autonomous Service Hospital Universitario de Maracaibo (Sahum), obtaining, up to now, “excellent results. “

Doctor Edwin Parra is the coordinator of this therapy which has been applied in other pilot hospitals to great effect, as it has managed to reduce the mortality rate in coronavirus patients by providing them with treatment without side effects.

He explained that “the therapy is a drug that contains 97% oxygen and 3% ozone which acts allowing the natural biological reaction of the organism and increasing the presence of immunoglobulins and interferon; it also increases phagocytes, which are the ones that eliminate the virus “.

Ozone therapy is applied in inflammations, it suppresses the formation of cells that cause cancer metastases; Topically, it is effective against diarrhea, parasites, skin infections, joint problems and bronchial diseases. “There are many benefits due to its great ability to increase defenses and fight for health, alternating it with the protocols applied today. There is no other more effective treatment, ”he stressed.

Dr Edwin Parra is the therapy coordinator
in HUM.

It was September 13 when President Nicolás Maduro ordered the application of this method as a state policy in the fight against covid-19 in the country.

On the same day he signed the decree for the creation and operation of the National Scientific Center of Ozone.

Platelet-rich plasma

The doctor makes the observation that the plasma, rich in platelets, in addition to increasing the immune system, is also applied ozonated, as a tissue regenerator with positive effects in its entirety.

“It’s about restoring health and that there are no consequences or collateral damage that covid leaves in many patients,” he says.

Ozone therapy is a natural alternative that adds to the protocols and treatments that are used today.

“The crisis in Maracaibo has been largely overcome by ozone therapy, for this reason it was decreed to create ozone therapy centers in all hospitals as a way to standardize this important health link in the fight against covid-19 and many diseases that affect the population ”Concluded Parra.


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