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Our neighbors are getting this right in blockchain, here's how! – BlockPublisher

It seems our neighbors are in their game when it comes to the blockchain. They are keeping pace with the cryptic world and are making progress, not important but hey, AT LEAST they are doing SOMETHING.


To begin with, we have this platform that has been operating outside India since 2006. They specialize in automation systems and use cutting-edge technologies to redesign, design, develop and implement automation systems.

Now they have set foot in the blockchain world and are exploring various aspects of it; P2P insurance, aeronautical maintenance register, crisis distribution, etc.


Yes, you guessed it, they work on easy remittances built on top of the blockchain. They are working to improve the age-old problems that are faced in fintech, banks and payments. They have blockchain-based products like EzyRemit and EzyHedge.


Relatively new on the block, Primechain is a startup that aims to "build blockchain for a better world".

They gave products powered with blockchain like; Primechian contract, API, LOAN, Debit Register, etc., To provide blockchain solutions to sectors such as banks, financial markets, government, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, insurance, manufacturing, aviation, shipping and logistics, telecommunications and defense and military.

PSI PHI Blockchain Labs

Started in 2016, they believe in the narrative of the blockchain optimists; "Blockchain will revolutionize the digital economy".

They specialize in three key areas:

  • Supply chain
  • Telecom
  • Health care

Combine the two successful technologies on the market; Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. What they intend to do is create safe, compliant and easy-to-use products.

Darwin Labs

Does this remind me of the Star Labs in The Flash, all the fans out there?

Well, you know where the name comes from, is not it from the comedian but is based on Darwin? Darwin's theory? Ring a bell? Evolution? Monkey man? NOTHING??

In any case, it's a place to build blockchain applications, it sounds familiar … hmm. Apart from that virtual reality, artificial intelligence and other technologies that will help humanity EVOLVE.



KrypC emerged in 2016 to allow easy implementation of blockchain for various companies.

They have come up with ways to make the process easier and cheaper. This really sounds like a great initiative. To complete the implementation, follow a three-step strategy.

  1. Drag and drop – This is exactly what you should do. Define your innovation in the KrypC platform by dragging and dropping various elements of your innovative business models.
  2. Quick integration of the API – Link your business application through the KrypC API framework.
  3. To unlock – Now let people experiment and adapt the innovative model.
Sofocole Technologies

This is like a blockchain of Wikipedia. It is a service-based company that provides blockchain solutions to its customers.

They will help you with all aspects of a blockchain like wallets, exchanges, private blockchains and products of smart contracts. A business consultant for your cryptic world.

They have few products that are available;

  • SofoCap
  • SofoChain
  • SofoInsure


This age more than the rest. It started in 2013 by two founders, Sathvik Vishwanath, is Sunny Ray. It is a well-funded bitcoin portfolio based in India. You can buy, sell and store Bitcoin with Unocoin. Most of the normal things.


Started this year, its robust DEX multi-blockchain platform and a protocol for trade. Although it started as a year ago, that's not a long time for a company, but it's the first decentralized multi-blockchain token exchange ecosystem.

These are some of the blockchain startups and the blockchain world in India looks promising. They are reaching the world in due course and this is something to look at.

Have we omitted any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments section below.

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