Other PS4 games emerge that are not compatible with PS5


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A while back, Sony shared a small list of PS4 games that are not supported PS5. Now, with the new console already on the market, many people have taken the time to explore compatibility with older versions of the hardware. Therefore, Other PS4 titles have been discovered that apparently cannot be enjoyed on PS5.

According to This Gen Gaming, in total there are five other games which, when trying to boot from a PS5, the following message appears: “Available: PS4 only”. At the moment it is not known why the following titles were not included in the original list published by Sony.

These are the games:

-Pool Nation

-Tower of time

-The gardens in between

-YIIK: a postmodern RPG


Similarly, This Gen Gaming mentions it PixelBOT EXTREME! It had the same error message, but recently received a patch that makes it accessible to all PS5 users. Therefore, the five titles mentioned above could receive similar treatment, although there is currently no official information.

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Vía: This Gen Gaming

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