Orbit is revolutionizing the renewable energy industry by using the Ethereum blockchain


Los Angeles, California, October 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Orbit, a new renewable energy business, is making big waves in the renewable energy industry. It is a revolutionary new project that uses the Ethereum blockchain, allowing ordinary people to get involved in buying and selling solar energy.

Founded by Victor Knight in 2020, the idea of ​​Orbit and Orbit Network was born the year before. The idea was to make the purchase and sale of goods and services in the renewable energy sector simple and straightforward. Special ORBT tokens will be distributed and used to make purchases and sales. Plus, thanks to everything on the Ethereum blockchain, there’s total anonymity.

The harmful consequences of climate change have become incredibly dire. It is essential to move from burning fossil fuels to using clean, renewable energy. It’s something Orbit aspires to help.

The Orbit network is focused on the commercialization of renewable energy. This includes generators and solar cells for commercial and residential use. The value of the ORBT token will be supported by the people who buy and sell the products and services offered by Orbit. This is something that makes your investments safe if you choose to support and be a part of the Orbit market. You’ll be part of a safety net, even if the token’s value drops in the future.

Orbit is following in the footsteps of giants like Tesla, who have built a passionate community and fan base around them. The vision is to make buyers and investors excited about its projects, products and services. This is why building a community on social media is a primary goal.

The first Orbit project

Orbit’s first project is the launch of an impressive solar energy cell that homes and businesses can use. This is the Orbit version of the Tesla Roadster debut, which put Tesla on the map and led to a passionate fan base forming around it. Orbit has a vision of disrupting the way the renewable energy industry operates. It is trying to help create wealth for anyone who is excited about making the world a better place through the use of renewable energy.

With $ 1,000,000 in ETH invested in Orbit tokens, this company is on its way. Furthermore, investors will have a safety net that will give them at least the liquidity provided by the companies that have invested in Orbit. This makes supporting Orbit network projects a safe decision to make.

There have been a lot of fake ICOs in recent years that represent nothing. This is not another of those. The Orbit Network is passionate about the DeFi community and plans to be an integral project for the entire ecosystem for a long time to come.

With Orbit, renewable energy meets cryptocurrency crowdfunding. Enter the token presale by going here. Also, for more information on everything happening in the Orbit network, you can go here. You can also join the official Telegram channel here to learn about the latest updates of this revolutionary project. For the future, switch to renewables.

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Company Name: Orbit Network LLC
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Company website: https://orbnet.io/

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