Oppo launches the first color calibration system for smartphones with Android. How does it work


OPPO announces the official launch of the new Full-path color management system, which will be available starting next year, with the launch of the new OPPO Find X3 flagship smartphone series.

This is the first color management system running on the Android platform and supports a full DCI-P3 color gamut and 10-bit color depth for capture, storage and display. They offer an impressive visual experience thanks to the authentic and precise reproduction of colors.

Full color gamut DCI-P3, 10-bit depth and HEIF format – New full-path color management system expands the horizon of visual representation

The full path color management system adopts a higher specification algorithm and hardware to render colors when a photo is taken. OPPO’s research and development engineers have developed around 20 algorithms, including distortion correction, multi-frame noise reduction, and extreme super-perceptual resolution functions.

Additionally, OPPO will develop the first devices that will integrate image sensors with the HDR Digital Overlap (DOL) mode function. DOL-HDR technology synthesizes various exposure conditions in an image. Therefore, the colors will be impressive even when the light source comes from behind the subject.

Once the right hardware solution is found, calibration becomes an extremely important factor. The OPPO screen calibration process assumes a color accuracy of approximately 0.4 JNCD in any usage scenario.

Custom color settings on your Android phone

In 2018, OPPO’s development engineers became aware of the challenges users face when it comes to color management. Therefore, they embarked on systematic research into color enhancement, based on the need for a superior visual experience.

Currently, OPPO is collaborating with Zhejiang University to find the optimal solution in color management, through tests on a sample of potential users.

The full path color management system will be available with the launch of the flagship Find X3 series in 2021.

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