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Opera Steps Up Blockchain Initiative with Ledger Capital Partnership

Opera Internet browser worked with Ledger Capital to explore blockchain applications.


The Norwegian internet browser Opera has announced a strategic partnership with Ledger Capital, a consulting firm and blockchain services. According to a Press release published Friday, companies will work together to explore additional applications and use cases for blockchain and how technology can be implemented within Opera products and its ecosystem.

Opera entered the cryptography sector in December 2017 when provided encryption protection built-in for its users. Six months later, the company filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an initial public offering of $ 115 million. With the Nasdaq, Opera list earned investment capital of companies such as Tospring technology, also known as Bitmain, a Chinese mining giant of cryptocurrencies.

In July and August, Opera added an integrated cryptocurrency portfolio in its versions for Android mobile devices devices and desktop computers.

The internet browser noted in its last statement that "the last 18 months have led to a huge business around cryptocurrencies" and the company aims to facilitate the traditional adoption of the nascent class of digital assets.

"Having a cryptographic portfolio in the browser brings cash-based experience to the online payment world," said Charles Hamel, manager of Opera's encrypted portfolio. "Paying with the cryptographic portfolio is like sending digital money directly from the phone, and we've just made it easier, which opens up new possibilities for both merchants and content creators."

Ding & # 39; an Fei, managing partner of Ledger Capital, awarded the Opera for his recent activity in the crypto and blockchain space:

"We are excited to work with an innovator and industry leader like Opera, Opera has already taken the lead among the major browsers, with the integration of the innovative cryptographic portfolio and the investments of other major cryptographic companies like Bitmain We can not wait to explore the next steps on how Opera will exploit its huge ecosystem and technical skills to create exponential value for its user base and greater blockchain space. "

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