Opera integrates music services into its web browser


Opera adds more features to its web browser’s sidebar. After Twitter, Facebook Messenger and Instagram have already been integrated, Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube Music can now also be found in the sidebar. Control should be possible via the mouse or the multimedia keys on the keyboard when navigating to other tabs.

The integration of music services into the browser is intended to simplify multitasking in the browser. Users don’t have to manually pause background music to watch a video, for example – the browser does that. Also, there is no overlap of different media if an audio file is automatically started on a card. “Let’s say yes to well-kept background music and no to cacophony,” says Maciej Kocemba, Product Director of Opera Desktop Browser, describing the new feature.

Opera (download) should play a central role when working on your PC and browsing. Instead of using multiple programs or devices in parallel, as many functions as possible should be available in the browser. This is especially useful during the corona pandemic, when users spend a lot of time at home and at the computer.


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