On which devices will WhatsApp Web stop working in 2021?

After having known more cases of “hacking” of WhatsApp accounts, users must change three settings of the application linked to the file privacy, files received and profile verification, as recommended by security expert Zak Doffman, recently published in Forbes.

The specialist, founder of the Digital Barriers company that seeks advanced surveillance solutions for defense, national security and the fight against terrorism, started from a case in which hackers deceive the user, from an account already hacked of one of your friends, to share a code sent by the normal message to your phone.

Two-step verification

This also allows attackers to take control of your account, which can be a tedious process to restore. However, one of the first actions Doffman recommends is enabling WhatsApp two-step verification.

To do this, the user must enter the “Account” section, which is located within “Settings”. After that, the application will ask you to enter six digits and an email to regain access in case you forget the published issues. The procedure is short and takes less than a minute.

“Everyone who uses WhatsApp you must use this configuration security, “stressed the expert. So if a hacker takes control of your WhatApp account, you won’t be able to complete the hijack without knowing your PIN or verification code.

Archive of photos and videos

On the other hand, Doffman warns that photos and videos should only be saved when the user knows the sender and is sure that the media files have been taken from your contact and not downloaded from the Internet to be later shared via WhatsApp.

Otherwise, users run the risk that photos or videos of unknown origin contain a file Malicious code which can cause your device to crash or affect apps.

“Automatically saving WhatsApp photos is like going out the door of his house open; it carries a level of risk that is unnecessary and could damage your phone, ”explained cyber security specialist Jake Moore.

To avoid risks, we recommend that you access the “Chat” section of the “Settings” area and disable the option “Save to reel” on iPhone or “Media visibility” on Android.

Who can add your contact to groups?

Finally, Doffman suggests accessing the “Account” settings and the “Privacy” tab and limiting who can add your contact to groups. In this case, it is advisable to select the option “Only for my contacts”. Furthermore, the technician specified that none of the segments in this section should be available to “Everyone” and at least limit them to their friends.

The guidelines will prevent hackers from accessing your account, attacking your contacts via malicious software, or even consolidating financial scams. “You need to change the settings and you have to do it today“The expert warned.

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