Omniaz brings the blockchain and IoT experience for wine consumers


SINGAPORE–(FILO D & # 39; BUSINESS) – The beverage technology company (BevTech) Omniaz, in collaboration with
Wine Connection will announce the launch of the DRNK mobile application
(Drinks, Awards, Network, Knowledge), the first "intelligent bottle" of Asia
experience for consumers of alcoholic beverages on 1 December 2018. Leveraging
Blockchain technology and IoT, the application will be part of a
decentralized end-to-end platform that is currently the company
developing together with leading technology industry leaders such as CymMetrik,
NEM, NXP Semiconductors, ProximaX and Smartrac.

Through this app, users will be able to access the detailed information of
their purchase for all wine, beer and spirits, which will be
authenticated on the blockchain. Purchasing specially selected
Bottles with smart tags (smart bottles), users will also enjoy targeted
rewards and benefits such as coupons and credits, simply by tapping or
tag scanning via NFC or QR.

Omniaz will release its first wave of Smart Bottles (180,000 wines
bottles) through Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea, in collaboration with
Singapore Wine Connection is scheduled as the first stage of this pilot project
project with bottles to be distributed on the shelves of all 22 stores. inteligente
the bottles will be made available in shops and restaurants, with
reimbursement of applicable prizes in all stores, both online and offline.
As part of the official campaign, the launch will be announced a
conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of Wine Connection, who will be
holding their inaugural Wine Fair on 1 and 2 December 2018.

Lukasz Piotrowski, founder of Omniaz, explained at the time of the launch: "This is it
only our pilot phase. Going forward, Omniaz plans to release
one million bottles throughout Asia, through other strategic partners,
including craft beers and liqueurs between January and June 2019. "

DRNK is the first element of an integrated platform, designed for
face several key challenges in traditional alcoholic beverages
industry. Among the challenges there is the counterfeit alcohol, which makes it
The authenticity and provenance of the product are often difficult. Counterfeit alcohol
it is estimated to represent up to 30% of emissions leading to financial and health problems
consequences. Even the parallel markets and fraud often lead to the brand
damage. In addition to these challenges, companies often struggle
keeping their consumers involved. DRNK offers companies an additional way
to build a strong connection with consumers while offering a strategy
insights on consumers and other important information for the producer that in
the return can not only optimize its marketing but also the business strategy.

Through technology, Omniaz intends to fill this gap with their platform
and app, thus opening up possibilities within the consumer and B2B
markets through the supply chain. While the terms Blockchain and IoT have
has been around for a while, real-life applications within industries like
as food and drinks remain rare. Omniaz exploits the power of
Blockchain and IoT to solve industry challenges and create an integrated system
ecosystem tailored to businesses and consumers. "Blockchain is the
underlying technology that we will use for the authenticity of the product along the
supply chain and for consumers. Cash prizes through OMZ credits like
incentive and rewards for consumers in the form of coupons, is a way
we help to connect them directly to businesses and vice versa, "he said
Lukasz Piotrowski.


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