“Oh, Baba Hilal, the beloved of the heart of the Arab world”, this is what Akram Hosni said


1:00 pm

Sunday 17th May 2020

Books – Hani Saber:

A number of artists wished to congratulate the leader, Adel Imam, on his 80th birthday, through their personal social media accounts.

We monitor the most important what the stars have said to the leader in the following report:

Akram Hosni


Artist Akram Hosni wrote, on his Twitter account, saying, “The leader who will never repeat himself .. Every year and you are good .. Oh Lord, every year with us and our enjoyment of art as we always come back. “.



The artist, Bushra, posted his photo with the leader, via his Instagram account, and commented: “Every year, you are good, O leader, Mr. Adel, Baba Hilal, who has made us happy for years and years … Oh the pride of Egyptian art and a history in film, television and theater. Mtkarrash again .. I love you May God grant you health, Valentine “.

Sherif Ramzy


Artist Sherif Ramzy posted her photo with the leader through her Instagram account and commented: “Every year, you are good, honey, the heart of the Arab world and the whole world, and the love of my heart. Well. , health and happiness, O Lord. “

Interestingly, the great star Adel Imam, today, Sunday, his 80th birthday, as he was born on May 17, 1940.


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