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Official PwC appreciates the XRP of ripple as an example of the curing of the cryptocurrency market

Ripple News: As the year draws to an end, cryptography enthusiasts are coming out to predict that cryptocurrencies will perform much better in 2019. Henri Arslanian, PricewaterhouseCoopers and RegTech Leader for China and Hong Kong, states that 2019 has many interesting things in store for the cryptocurrency industry.

Arslanian believes that next year will see an influx of institutional investors and other actors in the cryptographic ecosystem. He added that 2018 observed the entry of large banks and 2019 will probably see a strengthening of the partnership. Citing the example of Fidelity and its substantial impact, the PwC official said:

"… Fidelity is the third largest asset management company in the world with $ 7.2 trillion under management, it is certainly, you know, the great institution that everyone was waiting for and it is not, you know, just investing in something. We are creating a joint venture, it is actually creating a branch completely focused on providing digital asset services."

In addition, Arslanian has predicted that some known companies will cooperate with cryptocurrency companies in order to strengthen their portfolios. Others will get into the cart by investing in encrypted companies, as Goldman Sachs has invested in BitGo, an organization for custody of cryptocurrencies. He added:

"The entry of institutional investors will bring much needed experience in the cryptography sector. Many elements are contributing to this process, especially because regulatory clarity is becoming increasingly inclusive of cryptography. From Hong Kong to Switzerland, 2018 was a year of positive changes and developments for the sector, which will continue in 2019".

Throughout this discussion, Arslanian has shown his full support for Ripple's XRP. Noting the well-established SWIFT competition, he said that Ripple promises a quick solution, which is a game-changing advantage. This function should invite more and more financial institutions to add cryptocurrencies to their roster.

The settlement of 4-second transactions for cross-border payments claimed by XRP has gained a lot of traction from the market. It also predicted that 2019 will also observe the increase in security tokens and stablecoins.

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