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Offer in the US budget dispute – Trump offers the Mauer affair – News

  • In a speech at the White House, US President Donald Trump offered the Democrats protection for certain groups of migrants in the United States for three years from deportation.
  • In return, he insisted on his request for the $ 5.7 billion release for a wall bordering Mexico.
  • The Democratic leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi, reacted strongly to the candidacy of Trump.

With a new compromise offer to the democratic opposition, US President Donald Trump wants to find a solution in the ongoing budget dispute.

Perennial protection against deportation

In a speech at the White House on Saturday, he offered to protect certain groups of migrants, the so-called "Dreamer", in the United States for three years from deportation. In return, he insisted on his $ 5.7 billion request for a wall bordering Mexico, whose funding so far the Democrats deny.

Details on Trump's suggestions

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One of Trump's new proposals is to protect some 700,000 young migrants ("dreamers") who arrived illegally as children with their parents for three years from deportation. Equally long, according to Trump data, about 300,000 migrants who have been granted temporary protection status at home due to conflicts or natural disasters should not be expelled. Democrats require a permanent solution for both groups.

The president of the United States also announced that if the Democrats were to agree with his proposals, the government would reopen immediately. He then requested weekly meetings of both sides in the White House to get a comprehensive reform of immigration laws.

«Punisher» of the president

However, his political opponents have made clear that the new impetus of the President will not bring any breakthrough in the stalemate dispute. Democratic Nancy Pelosi, president of the House of Representatives, rejected the White House proposals previously announced by the US media – even referred to a presidential "madman".

The correspondent of the SRF Düggeli: "Dangerous game of the democrats"

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According to SRF correspondent Peter Düggeli, the main reason for the current compromise of the US President is that "the majority of Americans continue to blame him for the fact that at the moment 800,000 federal officials do not receive any salary" And that's why that Trump took a step forward towards the Democrats. "Düggeli also believes" it is remarkable that President Trump has attenuated some rhetoric. "In the first reactions, Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives , "the president has clearly shown the cold shoulder." "Only a year ago," continues Düggeli, "the Democrats would have made such a memorized agreement." But times had changed Democrats clearly won House elections Representatives and "have a new sense of self." The leader Pelosi had "made it clear: there is no cent for the wall of Trump." But he also thinks, continues Düggeli, "is a g ioco dangerous for the democrats here. Because public perception could change with the appearance of US President Trump and therefore pressure on Democrats to say yes to a compromise or negotiate in good faith would be much bigger, Düggeli emphasizes.

The arrest has now turned off parts of the US government for more than four weeks. Trump refuses to sign a budget law that does not include funds for his wall.

Report: Democrats have plans to draft legislation

Pelosi, for his part, has announced that next week will pass several accounts with the majority of Democrats in the House, which would reopen the government. According to the New York Times, the Democrats have anchored more than $ 1 billion in this – for infrastructure at border crossings and 75 new judges who decide on asylum cases. The money for the Trump wall is therefore not included.

The drafts of the democrats should not have a chance of success in this context. Especially since the Republicans of Trump in the Senate – the second chamber of Congress – have a majority.

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