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Numan Kurtulmuş: The AK Party is the party of all the poor in the world

Kurtulmuş, Cultural Center Hamamizade Ihsan Bey, the Meeting of the Provincial Consultative Assembly of the AK Party of Trabzon in his speech, the national and national party, the AK Party, no other power of God, the forehead of anyone else than the nation he has not taken orders from anyone else, he said.

The AK Party, art, literature, politics, economics, technology, production, that is to say in every field of nationalism is a party that invokes the rescue of Kurtulmus, emphasizing who know that every tree has risen above his body.

Freed, the AK Party, taking orders, emphasizing that the root of a party out of the party, the AK Party party is a party linked to history and to past civilization.

Asserting that the AK party is a group of Freed reformers, rights and freedoms of the AK party in Turkey, people's thoughts, declared that the guarantee of the guarantee of life.

Liberated, by removing political bans, the AK party, a political will to prevent blows, stating that the AK party, the political economy in all areas of politics, affirmed the reform.

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Emphasizing that the most important reform of the AK Party is the transition to the Presidency Management System, Kurtulmuş stressed that they will not forget what happened in this country, they will not forget it but they will never seek revenge, they will do it only to keep the political memory cool.

Saved in past years, the presidential elections in the process of explaining the various examples, the president of the nation who decided to choose the same president, the first president of the Republic, one of them, Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2014, recalled that the president has chosen.

Kurtulmuş indicates that the presidential system of government was approved by the nation's vote, "As long as these people continue to choose the president, the nation's market does not pass through the market, the nation's mosque, the nation's mosque does not cry, the nation does not cry in the sweetness of the nation, the love of the nation, the joy of the nation does not grow, never cares about the problems of the nation no one will be the president in this country: against these closed doors there is no president, whatever happens in people ". he said.


Saved, the AK Party is a development party, which claimed that not only a 81 million development segment, stated that they are trying to get a share.
Pointing out that the AK Party is an all-encompassing party, only the region or this region, on that side, are not part, pointing out that Kurtulmuş said:

"It's what the party is all about if you are in Turkey AK Party in Trabzon, as ambitious and Diyarbakir is as strong as ambitious and powerful AK Party in Rize, in Giresun, is like ambitious army Sirnak, Cizre The AK Party is not just Konya's party, it's Izmir's party, AK Party is not just Istanbul, it's not Sakarya's party. which includes, a great political movement that everyone in the whole country have ever seen in itself, a great political movement, and I went into a friend's office, and there was an Ottoman map of 3.5 millions of square kilometers in the back, just before the Balkan wars.But the AK Party will be based on the map, which will somehow be placed in the mind of the map, 20 million square kilometers of Ottoman geography, the heart of the geography, to keep an eye on, today 780 thousand square kilometers, is a summary of all that is in large geography. in Turkey, the oppressed and the victims of the nation, the world, our eyes looking partly at all those miserable ".

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Freedom, members of the organization with humility, sincerity and diligence, "first the country", "first people", asked them to act.

Expressing that justice and loyalty are important, Kurtulmuş said:

"Loyalty to the nation, loyalty to the nation. Loyalty is an important social responsibility, which is an important management responsibility that we saw on the night of July 15. We have seen people, education for decades, we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, we have delivered the planes as a nation to all of us, fukara nation, we have nurtured the tax, magnified men, aircraft at the head of the people threw the bomb on the people. One loyal to those who are loyal to the terrorist in Pennsylvania, faithful to charity in Pennsylvania, loyalty to him, not this, not the whole nation will be "The next period will be a period that we will continue with precision."

The researcher author Sadık Albayrak gave a book to Kurtulmuş, deputy of the AK party of Trabzon, Bahar Ayvazoğlu, mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, provincial president of the AK party of Trabzon, Haydar Revi, candidate for mayor of the metropolitan party of AK Trabzon, Murat Zorluoğlu, district mayors and party members participated.

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