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Now the Lebanese president is proposing the establishment of an Arab bank for the reconstruction of the countries affected by the war

Lebanese President Michel Aoun said his country worked on the proposal for a "final declaration" issued by the fourth session of the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit on the problem of displaced persons and refugees during the wars in the Arab world. And "existential risks for the social fabric of the region".

In his opening speech at the Arab economic summit, Aoun stated that he had adopted an initiative aimed at adopting the strategy of "reconstruction for development" for the Arab countries, which were tormented by wars and crises, calling for 39. Establishment of effective mechanisms in line with these challenges.

Aoun stressed that the initiative envisages the creation of an Arab bank for reconstruction and development, which will contribute to all affected Arab countries and peoples to overcome their situation, contribute to their sustained economic growth and to the wellbeing of their people and achieve the goals of sustainable development. It called on all financial institutions and Arab funds to meet in Beirut. The next three months to discuss and develop these mechanisms.

"Lebanon calls on the international community to exert all possible efforts and to provide the necessary conditions for the safe return of the displaced Syrians in their country, in particular in stable, accessible or low-voltage areas, to the political solution, and provide incentives for return in order to contribute to the reconstruction and stability of their country ".

"Our region has been hit by an avalanche of mobile wars, some of our countries have been directly in the middle, and others have turned their backs, and in both cases the losses are heavy, human, economic, social and security" he said.

"We are not here today to discuss the causes, causes and instigators of wars, but to address their devastating consequences for the economy and the growth of our countries, which have resumed us. expansion of the phenomenon of takfirismo and extremism and the emergence of waves of displaced persons and asylum that the world has not seen since The Second World War has negatively affected the development process, which is gaining ground in the region, especially in some countries that suffer mainly from economic and social problems.

In turn, he said: "… If these wars and then took weight on the Arab countries, and all attempts at mobilization, will continue to reflect and affect them for many years, which will inevitably prevent implementation. of any economic package or social goals to achieve sustainable development, the rest of the world. "

The president stressed that his country has paid the "high price" during the wars and terrorism, and that for years has cost the largest regional and international displacement burden of the Syrians, in addition to the appeal of the Palestinians for 70 years, not qualified, limited resources and an overloaded labor market ".

He stressed that the Israeli occupation "lies with us and continues for seven decades in its aggression". He stressed that the Israeli occupation state continues to occupy the Palestinian and Arab territories and does not comply with international resolutions, and that the occupation "reached the height of its aggression by judging Jerusalem and declaring it the capital of Israel. Hebrew of the Israeli occupying power state. "

In addition to Israeli threats and continued pressure on Lebanon and Israeli violations of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 (which followed the Israeli aggression of 2000) 2006) and Lebanese sovereignty on land, sea and air.

The Lebanese president said that the most serious threats to the Arab countries are "the state of internal upheaval and dispersion of the Arab world". He stressed that Arab reunification remains urgent to address the challenges that plague our region, identity and identity, which will only be achieved through We have agreed on our central problems and our universal national rights, and this is a translation of the will of our desiring peoples. prosperity and stability ".

He stressed that the choice of the Summit title (prosperity as a factor of peace) comes in the belief that the achievement of prosperity is a difficult but not impossible task, that addressing the roots of crises and trying to eradicate the poverty that generates inequality and terrorism must be a priority, at all levels and to ensure the stability of legislation and the fairness of the judicial system to provide confidence for internal and external investment.

The Lebanese president Michel Aoun called for "coordination of Arab programs and plans" before the UN summit on sustainable development in New York on September 25, in the presence of world leaders, in collaboration with economic, investment and agricultural projects in a integrated and integrated vision.

"The foundation of our common work should be based on the construction of Arab human capital, on the protection of women's rights, on their fundamental role in our societies, on the protection of children, on the education of young people, on promotion and knowledge of others, "he said.

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