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Not with Coinbase, American Express will probably trigger XRP [Ripple] running

The announcement that the XRP team and investors have been waiting impatiently arrived and if it's gone, but nothing happened. On December 7th, Coinbase officially announced that they are exploring the Ripple list [XRP] on their platform. Unfortunately, unlike the past XRP price has remained quite unaffected.

As previously reported by Blockmanity, American Express is praising Ripple's ability to make cross-border payments quickly. According to Forbes, satisfied with the previous results, American Express wants to test Ripple on a larger scale by activating cross-border payments between North America and the United Kingdom.

And Ripple's xCurrent platform will be the star of Ripple's success. xCurrent is Ripple's real-time settlement system for cross-border payments. With this, you can send cross-border payments using cryptocurrencies and make them pay in real time.

The general manager of Amex for corporate payments, Carlos Carriedo, stated in a statement

"We did a pilot, we did a test, working with Santander on a local level and with Ripple to do only transnational transactions, cross-border transactions continue to be complex and slow, and in a few seconds, through this test, our customers were able to transfer funds in a very transparent and transparent way, on one side of the world "

Take of Blockmanity

Although the currency market has not reacted positively to such positive news, in the long run the price of XRP would have prospered. Banks have started to react positively to Ripple and the fact is evident from the increase in XRP in the overall domination of the market.

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