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Not just in Switzerland: the Bombardier suitcase trains

The Bombardier railway division fights not only in Switzerland with problems. Even in other countries, such as in the United Kingdom, trains are delivered too late, launching projects for months or even years.

Due to the new double-decker train FV Dosto, which Bombardier builds for SBB, the Canadian industrial giant in Switzerland made headlines. These are mostly negative, because the train is delivered too late, is not really accessible to the disabled and the few compositions already in circulation in Switzerland are all but shabby.

This annoys SBB and Bombardier could become very expensive. Hundreds of millions of Swiss francs of damage are discussed, as revealed by SonntagsBlick. This even annoys Swiss politicians, who are now even thinking about it, and then the head of SBB Andreas Meyer (57) to quote the Federal Palace, as reported by BLICK.

Bad experiences in Montreal and New York

Anyone who thinks that we Swiss are the only ones to mistake our train problems. Bombardier, this is the pride of the Canadians. That's why even the problems of delivery of the railway division are a big problem, especially because in Montreal you have already had troublesome experiences.

But the Canadian media also report when the Canadian train builder abroad fails to deliver on time, like the New York subway. The subway compositions are being built near New York and have been delivered about two years late. So far only 112 of the 300 trains ordered have been delivered. And even those that do not work properly, remain due to technical failures in the deposit.

Despite all the misadventures, Bombardier has just signed a contract with the state of New York for the delivery of 113 commuter trains.

Breakdowns and delays in London

Even worse is the English turning point: in the Greater London are equal to two trains of Bombardier pannage coming. In the British metropolis, the Crossrail project is nearing completion. A high-speed rail link that crosses Greater London from west to east. The goal: bring commuters from the west and east of the city faster to the city center.

Now the tests should start on the last leg, but there are delays, among other things, because the trains ordered to Bombardier were delivered with a delay of 18 months. At least that's the reasoning of Crossrail's boss Terry Morgan. Without trains, the operation of signaling systems on the route can only be tested to a limited extent!

Also the conversion of a local transport line from diesel to electric trains does not work. According to the operator, Transport in London, it is not clear when all diesel trains can be withdrawn from the service. The reason: the new Bombardier electric trains have problems with the train management system.

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