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North Korea hosts the international blockchain and the cryptocurrency Conference – BTC Wires

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North Korea, under the dictatorship of the Kim dynasty, and being ruled by their "supreme leader" Kim Jong-un, stated in a historic announcement that everyone was ready to host their blockchain and the cryptic conference next spring. While South Korea, which has made great strides in the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, has begun to expand its use by introducing ADA debit cards, even North Korea, it seems that it is doing go in that direction. The conference was initially proposed to be hosted in October of this year, according to their official web page, it was moved to April 2019. The old dates were however removed and replaced with new ones on the managed site by the president of the Korean Friendship Association Alejandro Cao de Benós without further comments or explanations.

Even if the conference program has yet to be revealed, the event will last over eight days, and those who participate will have to shell out 3,363,503 won ($ 3,732) each to register. This registration fee, however, includes the entire package for the two-day conference and a tour of the country. The tour includes visits to a war museum, a university campus and the Daedonggang brewery

However, Internet access or roaming network connection will not be allowed, although for an additional $ 5, participants will be able to access the Internet every hour of the day and may also make phone calls. If someone requires more privacy than the one provided by a, opting for a North Korean SIM card might be a better idea. Participants, however, can bring their laptop, smartphone or tablet.

US citizens are welcome as participants as in reports, but people from South Korea, Japan and Israel will not be encouraged.

According to LinkedIn's profile of Token Key, an ICO and blockchain company, Christopher Emms is an event organizer, who was also looking for potential speakers and attendees.

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