Nolan Arenado is the winner of the 2020 MLB Platinum Glove


Third base for the Colorado Rockies, Nolan Arenado, he won his room platinum glove consecutively in MLB, whose prize is awarded to the best defender of each league.

While, in the American League, the winner was Alex Gordon who recently announced his retirement, although he had a lot to give in in the MLB at 37 years old.

The platinum glove This is a very selective award that only two players each season are privileged to receive, this was even better than the Golden Glove, as he is more or less the best outright defender in the National and American League of the MLB.

Here is the report:

Nolan Arenado he also won his eighth consecutive gold glove at the MLBEven though he missed the season finale due to injury, it was enough to once again remain the God of Defense.

Arenado add about 8 gold gloves and 4 platinum glove, making it clear that no one can match him in the last 10 years of the Major Leagues, since he has given no room to conquer him, during his 8 seasons in the MLB.

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