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Nobody wants a revolution in Europe because of your idiot referendum

On June 23, 2016, Thursday, 51.9 percent of over 30 million Britons voted for their country no longer a member of the European Union. Now, almost two months before the official release, the situation is uncertain, there is no consensus even at the national level on how the divorce will be completed.

For a complete picture of the whole story, the BBC spoke with many of the major actors of the era, from British politicians to European leaders.

In the first episode of the three of the documentary "Inside Europe: 10 Years of Chaos" is the beginning: how was it that Prime Minister David Cameron promised and initiated the referendum? The episode will be broadcast by the BBC on January 28, the first day of next week, but some passages have been made public by the British mail.

Most of the information comes from the President of the European Council Donald Tusk, who talks about other talks with the former British Prime Minister.

"I asked David Cameron "Why did you decide to organize this referendum is so dangerous, even stupid, you know".. And he replied – which left me perplexed, really shocked – that the only reason was his own party.

He told me that he still felt safe, because he was convinced he could not walk, because the coalition partners, the liberals, will block the initiative. But surprise! He won the elections and they were not coalition partners. Paradoxically, Cameron became a victim of his own victory, "says Donald Tusk in the BBC broadcast.

Tusk told Cameron that European leaders would not help him on the referendum issue.

"I told her green in front of"David, be serious, I know that all Prime Ministers promise to help, but believe me the truth is this Nobody wants a revolution in Europe because of your idiot referendum. If you force our hand, you will lose everything& # 39 ;. And for the first time I could read something like fear in his eyes. In the end, she realized what challenge she faces, "says the president of the European Council.

Tusk recalls his first conversation with Cameron after learning about the referendum.

"David Cameron called me to be ready to resign "Yes, David It would be very difficult even to imagine that a prime minister who led the anti-Brexit campaign gets two days later a Brexit negotiating premier". It was the day of judgment for him, the day he paid for all the sins of life, "recalls the president of the European Council.

The former Cameron spokesperson Craig Oliver commented on Tusk's statements on Twitter, claiming they are not entirely true. He insists on the public support shown by Cameron to organize the referendum years earlier.

"David Cameron said during the entire 2015 election campaign that he will not direct a government that does not want the referendum," Oliver said.

How does Cameron look?

The BBC also spoke with George Osborne, former government finance minister Cameron, who reminded him that he had pushed him not to make such a promise, insisting that a referendum could be a disaster for the United Kingdom.

The same was done by former French president Francois Hollande. It tells a conversation with Cameron in September 2015, five months after the surprising victory of the conservatives, which allowed them to form the government on their own. Hollande asked the prime minister to abandon the idea.

"Nothing obliges him to organize the referendum when he does so It would not have been the first time that an election promise was not respected, but he wanted to show that he could negotiate successfully with the Europeans," he quotes Hollande in a documentary.

In the end, Cameron seems to defend his decision.

"I do not mind that we organized the referendum, it was a promise made two years before the 2015 elections, it was included in the government and legislative program in Parliament, of course I regret that we lost the referendum." I led the campaign to stay in the European Union and, of course, I regret the difficulties and problems we have when we try to implement the results, "says Cameron.

It should be noted that Theresa May does not appear in the entire documentary. The current prime minister has refused to participate and to present his perspective in this context. He took over the government after Cameron resigned and has since tried to make it increasingly clear that it is impossible: to get the agreement of all British politicians and EU leaders for civil divorce, with fewer repercussions for all the parties involved.

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