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Noah Project: Bear Hunter of the Year – Press Release

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / 11 January 2019 / Nearly 1,000 cryptographic startups have failed to survive the 2018 bear year. Low volume trading, unresolved technical problems, imperfect products and bad ideas have prevented them from making progress. What makes a successful project? The list includes effective products, strategic partnerships with the main players, quotation on cryptocurrency exchanges and recognition by the government.

The Noah Project is one of the few companies that combines all these features and has helped make great progress in 2018.

Crypto wallet for users

The main goal of the Noah Project is to make the lives of both people and businesses much easier, as well as promote socio-economic development through cutting-edge technologies. To this end, the team is building a blockchain-driven ecosystem and its Noah Coin token.

The solutions of the company will be integrated in different sectors: traveling (Noah Resort), infrastructure (Noah City) and finance (remittances). Cryptographic payments are a key element of the ecosystem and will serve as a basis for the resort and the city. The project team focused primarily on payment solutions in 2018.

The Noah Project aims to create a blockchain-based remittance system that will allow migrant workers to send money to their families in a more fluid, cheaper and faster way. Using international money transfer services, expatriates have to pay huge commissions: 6% -10% in the Philippines or even 10% in Japan. Thanks to the Noah remittance ecosystem, transnational transaction fees fall to 2-3%.

In June, the project team introduced a Noé Wallet so that cryptographers could store and manage their digital money in a more convenient and secure way. Users are able not only to send and receive Noah coins but also a number of other tokens, such as Bitcoin and Ether. Noah Wallet is now available for free on the App Store and Google Store.

Payment app for merchants

And companies? The Noah project specialists have also developed solutions for sellers. In December, they launched Noah Pay, a blockchain payment application that integrates cryptographic payments into companies. Sellers have gained the opportunity to accept and process encrypted payments, which are safer and faster than bank transactions thanks to decentralized technology. Moreover, the acceptance of digital payments will help companies to attract new customers among the cryptic adopters.

Since Noah Coin is already circulating in the real sector (goods, services, housing, etc.), cryptocurrencies become more available. Furthermore, the project token is gaining popularity and constantly growing.

After launching Noah Wallet and Noah Pay, the company reached its first major milestone and paved the way for the construction of Noah City and the development of Noah Resort.

Partnership with large payment processors

The alliance with large payment processing companies allows the Noah Project to expand geographical boundaries, open new markets and increase the community.

Therefore, the company signed the Memorandum of Agreement with Dakak Beach Resort in 2017. Noah Resort will become part of Dakak, where virtual coins will be accepted. It is expected to become the place to visit for the enthusiasts of the crypt and to stimulate the tourism industry in the region.

In the summer of 2018, the project team began collaborating with PayRemit, which is one of the largest payment gateways in the Philippines. This collaboration allowed the Noah Project to integrate payments into Noah Coin in the PayRemit network. As a result, Noah Coin owners have gained access to over 100 online stores while the company has found new partners.

In August, the initiative became part of CoinPayments, one of the world's largest processing services, operating in over 182 countries. This collaboration has exposed Noah Coin to millions of customers and sellers internationally.

They are listed in seven exchanges

The listing on various exchanges of cryptocurrencies allows users to easily purchase tokens and become members of the Noah ecosystem to benefit from all opportunities in the future. That's why the project team listed Noah Coin on various trading platforms throughout the year. HitBTC was the first, then Changelly in April,
Mercatox, LiveCoin, YoBit and BTC Alpha in June, as well as Ataix in December.

Holders can now buy, sell and trade their Noah coins in the following seven cryptocurrency exchanges: HitBTC,
, BTC-Alpha,
, LiveCoin, YoBit e
. The Noah Project intends to continue the work with the exchange of services in 2019 to provide Noah Coin holders with even more trading options.

Recognized as an expert in the blockchain

The company has repeatedly demonstrated that it is one of the most important players in the Asian region.

In October, the Noah Project hosted the biggest and most awaited cryptic event of 2018, the World Blockchain Festival. Thousands of visitors came to Japan to meet and listen to various blockchain experts, such as Miguel Cuneta of Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI), Randy Hencken of Blue Frontiers.

The initiative was also recognized as a blockchain project by the Department of Sciences and Technology of the Philippines (DOST), which is responsible for the development of cutting-edge technologies in the country. In November, the authorities visited Dakak, where the blockchain is currently being implemented to get advice, insights and expertise in this field.

There are several local government agencies like DOST that are becoming enthusiastic about blockchain technologies in the Philippines. They express their interest in exploring and embracing the capabilities and benefits of using it.

Furthermore, the country has already taken several important steps in this direction. The government allowed several blockchain startups to operate within the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA). It seems that the Philippines is ready to make a big leap into the cryptic future.

What's next?

The Noah Project confidently reaches the milestones on its roadmap, heading towards its main goal. The company has demonstrated its feasibility and importance in 2018 and will continue to do so in 2019.

"It was a difficult year with ups and downs, but the trust and support of our followers helped us move forward and make progress," said Noah's team. "We are full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm and we are entering the year 2019 with the intention of continuing to introduce new solutions to meet all the needs of our community and bring social innovation through blockchain".

To learn more about the Noah Project, visit the
official website, get in touch with the team in the Telegram chat and follow the project on Facebook and Twitter.



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