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You know those days when you are so anxious to relax watching something on Netflix that it is even difficult to choose what to play? Well, the streaming platform is testing a new feature that promises to make our life easier. Direct call, the function simulates a live TV: just press play to enjoy a fixed program consisting of selected series and films.

It is important to note that Direct does not take into account the suggested content algorithms for your personal tastes. The programming is 100% curated by Netflix itself, which takes into account the most successful productions in your region to assemble a playlist of features and chapters that, together, create a pleasant experience for “almost” every viewer.

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Also, the direct schedule is listed for the next five days, so you’ll know exactly what’s “going to happen” in the application if you tune into the platform tomorrow after closing time, for example. Obviously, the option does not interfere in any aspect of the traditional operation of the application: it is however possible to watch the same series and films that make up the programming independently.

It is worth mentioning that indecision in Netflix’s choice of attractions is something so common among subscribers that it even has a name: “paralysis of choice“, the” freezing “of users when faced with the inability to select something – and this was related to an existing process, called”analysis paralysis“, in which a person or a group is in a situation of excessive analysis or reflection.

For now, the novelty is tested exclusively in France, which, according to Netflix, is a country with a strong habit of enjoying conventional TV channels. The idea is that the format will be available for the entire French service base until December. And, hopefully, the model is very likely to be replicated in other regions of the world.

Source: Android Police

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