No cost … 8 walls prevent the crown from entering the human body


Despite the emergence of a second wave of the new Corona virus in European countries, the situation in Egypt is still reassuring until now, but the government is preparing to face any emergency in case of “God forbid” the arrival of the second wave and with the “Al-Ahram Gate” interview with specialized doctors, we explain in the following report 8 walls The blockade prevents the virus from entering the human body from scratch and the doctors stressed that they are committed to protecting ourselves, our children and those who they surround us with infections, emphasizing that it is available to everyone at no cost.

Cleaning: Virus expert Dr. Christine Aziz told Al-Ahram Gate that personal hygiene is a wall that prevents the virus from entering the human body, stressing the importance of washing hands with soap and water after touching the things and put your hands in the soap for 20 seconds to make sure they are clean.

Good ventilation: He advised the need for good ventilation for homes and work offices, as well as classrooms in schools, opening windows to prevent infection among children, “God forbid”, if there is a child or a virus infected teacher.

LiquidsHana Sorour, head of the primary care sector at the Ministry of Health, said drinking hot liquids reduces the viscosity of the virus in the respiratory system and thus contributes to the rate of elimination.

The muzzle: Dr. Sherif Hatta, professor of public health and preventive medicine, said that the muzzle is a wall that repels the virus, as it prevents it from entering the human body, since it covers the entire area of ​​the mouth and nose, and although the President of the Republic’s health adviser, Dr. Muhammad Awad Taj al-Din, explained that the muzzle does not prevent the virus from entering by 100%, but advised to wear it 100%, but advised to wear it. Because it reduces injury and makes the wearer less vulnerable to injury than others who ignore it.

And Dr. Diane Hess advised New York to wear a muzzle in schools, and given the difficulty in forcing some children to do so, the doctor stressed, the need for teachers to wear masks because they are the most interacting. with the children.

Without shaking hands and kissing: Dr Hani Al-Nazer said there are bad social habits that sadly cause the transmission of viruses and infections between people, including shaking hands during the meeting, as well as kissing people together, as well as frequent kissing from children. , pointing out that these habits easily transmit germs, because they allow contact with others and close to their breath. : “Don’t blush your hands and kiss when you meet.”

Immunity: Dr Amjad Al-Haddad, professor of immunology and allergy, said the immune system is a strong barrier to prevent the virus from entering the human body. He advised to strengthen the immune system by consuming foods and drinks rich in minerals and vitamins that improve the efficiency of the immune system: “If the immune system is strong, it will stop any virus and prevent it from entering. The human body is because it is the our body’s first defender from viruses, Glory be to God, but if weak, viruses will enter easily and effortlessly.

Sleep well: He advised against staying up late for both children and adults, because good sleep improves the efficiency of the human body’s immune system: “Sleeping as well as waking up early improves the efficiency of the immune system and makes it strong, giving health and activity to the body “.

Playing sports: He also recommended exercising at home for its role in strengthening the immune system, as it stimulates blood circulation in the body.

How to strengthen your immune system?
Dr Bahaa Naji, a therapeutic nutrition consultant, said that a person can strengthen their immune system without incurring huge bucks for medicines and dietary supplements, explaining that eating a healthy and healthy diet that contains foods and drinks rich in vitamins and minerals can easily strengthen the immune system.

Free prescription provided by “Al-Ahram Gate”
Onions, garlic and mushrooms .. These foods contain antiviral, antibacterial and disinfectant properties for the body and are useful for strengthening the body’s defenses against the Corona virus or other disease-carrying viruses. These foods also contain minerals, sulfur, magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and calcium.

fruit: Strawberry, guava, orange, mandarin, watermelon, kiwi, apple, melon, pomegranate and palate.

Drinks: Tomato juice, beetroot, mango, licorice drink, tamarind, lemon and ginger.

Vegetables: All vegetables improve the body’s immunity and provide it with various vitamins and minerals, therefore, the therapeutic nutrition consultant advises to always eat them.

Nuts: Almonds, pistachios and peanuts.

Vitamins: Vitamin (C), (A), (D) and (Omega-3) found in fish and tuna and the doctor explains that dietary supplements play a role in improving the efficiency of the human body’s immunity.

Protein: A nutrition consultant describes animal proteins as the main factor in building the human body’s immune system, so eating them is recommended. Protein is also found in milk, eggs, fish, chicken and meat.

All stressed the need to adhere to the previous precautionary measures, because they are the most effective and powerful weapon in preventing the virus from entering the body, thus preventing infection and entering the treatment phase, as also confirmed by the Professor of Virology and Immunology at Shantou University Faculty of Medicine in China, Dr. Fayed Attia, stating: “Commitment to prevention and taking measures”. Health is the best way to fight the virus “.

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