Nicoleta Luciu ended up in the hands of doctors again. What a decision the star made


Nicoleta Luciu ended up in the hands of doctors again, after the star decided it was time for a new cosmetic surgery. Although she has long since disappeared from the spotlight, Nicoleta Luciu still remains in shape and also uses various tricks to benefit from a perfect complexion.

Nicoleta Luciu made the big announcement. Fans of the star split in two after seeing what it was all about

Nicoleta Luciu it ended up in the hands of doctors again after deciding to undergo a new cosmetic operation. All Nicoleta Luciu fans know that the star is a follower of cosmetic surgery, this being who knows how many interventions of this kind.

Therefore, fthe beautiful brunette, now, she has resorted to a skin rejuvenation procedure, which is called facial mesotherapy. Nicoleta Luciu also filmed the explanations of the beautician to whom she turned.

When Nicoleta Luciu won the title of Miss Romania

Nicoleta Luciu became famous when she won the title of “Miss Romania” in 1999. Then, the brunette posed in PlayBoy and started a career in TV. Thus, Nicoleta Luciu worked with Teo Trandafir in the early 2000s, when the latter moderated a show on Pro TV.

Although she turned 40 this fall and has 4 children, Nicoleta Luciu does her best to keep her skin hydrated and free from other imperfections.

What intervention has Nicoleta Luciu done now

This time the former Miss has chosen to do a facial mesotherapy, a minimally invasive medical treatment that injects some nutrients into the skin with the help of special needles.

Youth without old age“, Wrote Nicoleta Luciu next to the video of the respective clinic.

Nicoleta’s fans disagreed with the cosmetic surgery

Not all virtual fans of Nicoleta Luciu agree with what Nicoleta Luciu did. “When you are old and you can’t do anything, you will look / How are you without a bra, you have no idea that you are a cabbage“, Are two of the comments of those who did not agree with the star.

Nicoleta Luciu moved to Miercurea-Ciuc with her four children and her husband, businessman Zsolt Csergo, for several years. In addition, Nicoleta Luciu has remained active in the online environment and keeps her fans updated on everything she does.

Nicoleta Luciu put too large silicones

In addition, the star gave up her social life and devoted herself exclusively to raising children and family life, but did not forget to take care of her.

Thus, a year after giving birth to triplets, Kim, Karoly and Kevin, Nicoleta Luciu underwent breast surgery, which greatly enlarged.

Nicoleta Luciu also widened her buttocks

It wasn’t cool what she did, as the star started having back problems due to the weight of the implants. Thus, in 2014, Nicoleta was once again crossing the threshold of the doctor’s office, when she inserted smaller implants.

After 3 years, the Miercurea star Ciuc was operated on to enlarge her buttocks with her own fat.

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