NiceHash Miner software uses complete MinerGate Crypto Mining Pool compatibility

  NiceHash Miner software has full compatibility with MinerGate Crypto Mining Pool

MinerGate offers a mining pool for multiple cryptocurrencies, with a focus on 11 major coins. Those coins include ETH, ZEC and XMR. Due to a new change in NiceHash Miner software, this customer database will now be compatible with MinerGate's regular and VIP mining pools . As a result, users of MinerGate be able to access NiceHash to purchase their power of extraction, which is important for a platform that is the largest hash power market.

The only thing that MinerGate users will have to do to use the database will register for a NiceHash account, so they must deposit the desired amount of BTC, choosing the MinerGate Pool for the destination of the hash supply, then they will set the price for mining and issue a new order. The statistics on the website will allow users to view various forms of information, including the performance of each worker and the current status of the order.

MinerGate Managing Director Laura Becker said in a statement,

"The compatibility feature was tested on the CryptoNight ASIC pool of 20,000 satisfied customers, and we expect multiple users to start exploiting The newly added accessibility In an overcrowded market of ever-changing video cards and hardware models of data mining, this new feature can simplify the task of rookie miners without hardware. "

NiceHash uses GUI software for mining, which means that users also have an opportunity to sell the computing power of their devices, primarily for people wishing to extract larger pools. In addition, miners will have the opportunity to use 34 different algorithms, even if they have to pay a minimum of 0.005 BTC for each one.

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