NFL: Irrer Touchdown-Fang von Football-Profi DeAndre Hopkins


The NFL season is only halfway through, but DeAndre Hopkins already has a spot in every flashback. With a commitment that will probably go down in history as the scene of the year. As a result, there was instant praise and recognition for the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver from peers, competitors and other sports stars on social media on Sunday.

Two seconds before the end of the game against the Buffalo Bills: quarterback Kyler Murray throws a pass on half the pitch, Kameera have difficulty keeping up. DeAndre Hopkins is a wide catcher, something like the forward of the football team. His job is to take the passes and bring them to the landing area.

But he is completely trapped, with three Buffalo Bills defenders trying to block him. Everyone is trying to catch the ball, but 28-year-old Hopkins has calculated where the ball is going and caught it in the air. With his touchdown he literally decides the game at the last second. The meeting ended at 32:30.

“Never say it’s impossible,” Hopkins himself wrote in a video of the scene. “@DeAndreHopkins is a monster,” commented Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes – the Super Bowl winner is usually the recipient of incredible praise for insane deeds.

Among the many Twitter comments In addition to the spectacular catch, there is always a surprise that the Houston Texans gave up their large receiver in the summer. DeAndre Hopkins has been considered one of the best passport recipients in the NFL not just since Sunday.

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