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News: United States – Saudi pressure on Arab countries due to reduced participation at the economic summit

Al-Akhbar reported that the United States continues to tighten the pressure on Lebanon, portraying it as "weak", unable to mobilize a high-level representation for the economic summit. In the implementation of their plan, the Arab "brothers" have decided to be instruments for US policy in the region. The Arab economic summit came to be the breeding ground for completing the project to tighten the vines on Lebanon in the context of raising Washington's level of confrontation against Iran and Hezbollah.

Representation of Arab countries, in particular "actors", falls below the level used by these summits, ranging from the first deputy of the country, to foreign ministers or deputy foreign ministers. Saudi Arabia, which claims great interest in the future of the country and the activation of its economy, has raised its level of representation to the maximum Deputy Minister of Finance. Al-Akhbar has learned that the Presidential Palace and the Development Committee of the Arab League are making the necessary contacts in the next 24 hours to push some countries to adapt their positions and to reaffirm their representation.

The sources interested in organizing the work of the summit are trying to reduce Arab representation to the internal crisis erupted on the representation of Libya and the burning of its flag in the center of Beirut. However, diplomatic sources consider that the Libyan question was "the Arab argument" to send a negative message to Lebanon. The basis is "the American-Saudi pressure on Arab countries, reinforced by the visit to the region of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo". "Ten days ago, Minister Jamal al-Jarrah, not the foreign minister, visited Saudi Arabia." The message that Riyadh wants to direct is that it is "only an economic summit, to remove any political character from it, and then empty it of importance".

As for the "development initiative" that Aoun wants to propose, according to the sources of the organizing committee, "during the joint meeting of foreign ministers and ministers of the Economic and Social Council they will prepare to decide how to propose their initiative development to establish an Arab fund for development ".

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