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News on bowling alleys from the Orange bowling clubs

the orange lawn bowls news and events

The Bowling of Men and Women Newstead has moved to the Orange Ex-Services Country Club for which we are eternally grateful to the Orange Ex-Services Club and to the bowling members of the Country Club. It is nice to note that our participation levels have increased steadily since our transfer to the Country Club. Our men still play on Wednesdays starting at 13:00, while our women still play on Thursday mornings starting around 9:30 am. On Sunday, November 20th, we'll have to say goodbye to Newstead House to get together, which of course will be held at the headquarters of our former club at the corner of Hill and Kite Street in Orange. This event is open to all current and past members. The day will start at 11.30, with a chat, a barbecue and refreshments. This is a BYO refreshment event and the barbecue will be provided by the Canobolas Lions Club with a gold coin payment. There will be some bowling, events with prizes during the afternoon, there will be bowls. For catering purposes, please register your presence before noon, Friday 18 November, playing one of Noel's two "Elbourn" on 0429 378 728, Trish Wilson on 0400 379 294 or Gary Norton on 0418 277 635. We will not see the time to meet you. Last weekend the men's club has seen a rich but very exciting weekend: it started on Saturday afternoon with the fours championship semifinals. In the first game we saw the side of Mario Ruggerio face the side of Mick Stevens. a close fight Ruggerios's team soon took control of the central phase of the match before Stevens' team set foot in the search for shots and a return, but this was not the case. with the side of Stevens that by a whisker was lost, leaving the team of Ruggerios to advance towards the grand finale.In the second meeting, we saw the side of Aeron Harman siding with Brad Roberts. The game was very close for everything the path, with both sides playing an impressive shot to collect the end. The advantage was traded several times, keeping the players and spectators ahead. In the end, Roberts' team only had to hold on to the last end, with a four-shot lead, with Harmans's team unable to make up the difference, allowing Roberts's team to advance to the final. The final will be played Saturday, November 19th. Our second weekend event was the second day of Norman presidents. All players spent a fantastic time on the green before moving for lunch and formalities. The winners of the day were the presidents of Zone 4, composed of David Lang, Greg Campbell and Wal Whiteley. The runners-up, from the same track, were the presidents of Richard Hutchinson, Nev Seton and Norman Wilson. The winners of the day's lottery were Brad Roberts and Geoff Burrell. Last Thursday, there was another good roll up. The winners were G Fletcher, W Carr and J Wilkins. The second classified were M Griffiths, F McCarthy and R Fisher. The third place was D Thompson, D Dean and J Dunn. The jackpot did not go away. The lottery winners were N Seton, B Offner and R Buss. Last wednesday night was a good result for the bowls at dusk, but we would still like to see more numbers. The winners of the evening were D McKellar, G Pro and N Wilson. The winners were L Wilcox, R Jones and J Oakley. Remember to name for mixed couples on Sunday, November 27, the appointments are filling up quickly. The Handicap Singles were played last Saturday, Peter Lange won for a penny of Dick Turnbull. Peter Griffiths beat Jim Finn for 21-10. Peter Griffiths then beat Bondi Rickards 21-14 and in the final Peter Griffiths beat Peter Lange 21-10 with an exceptional show of lawn bowls by Peter Griffith and Peter Lange, who played only bocce for about six months . Saturday's bowls with the game in cool conditions with Philleowow's Raffle won by lucky bowlers were Phil Powell, Ron Hartley and Peter Wright and the Jackpot was not won. On Tuesday the Major Minor Pairs final was played with Phil Powell and Fred Maw beating Jim Finn and Roy Buss in a close game. Tuesday social bowls with rain showers to the north but only a splash on the green with Raffle won by Jim Finn with consolation to Barry Lowe and Peter Griffith, the lucky bowlers were Bob Jenkins, Paul Ruggiero and Mario Ruggeiro. The unfortunate bowling players were John Rudd, Peter Lange and Neil Higgins, consolation for Sam Beasley, Nev Seaton and the "Keno King" Barnie Offner who eventually broke a victory over Keno but the union is not willing to leave on a trip abroad and the Jackpot was not won. Our best wishes go to the lovely "Muz" Murray for a speedy recovery from her appendectomy. To name individuals or groups every week, please ring Peter Baker 0427 631 013 before noon Tuesday starts at 12.30 and Saturday at 12.30. The game starts at 13.00. The mufti dress and visitors are welcome. A day of bowls and golf will be held at the Country Club to honor John Rapley in his upcoming retirement and we hope for a great launch of players on Sunday, November 27th. There will be a barbecue lunch and a ham lottery. There will be a committee meeting on November 12th at 11:00. The Christmas Mixed and Men & # 39; s Pairs will be held on December 3rd and is open to anyone for the first 20 teams and the Flyers and Nomination cards will be on the table next Saturday. The last day of Lawn Bowls this year is Tuesday, December 13th. It is very difficult to explain what a parallax error means when people do not know what it means to look obliquely. Quite simply parallax error occurs when you use a ruler or a tape and try to read the measurement anything but directly above or perpendicular to the marks on the measuring device. Extrapolate this look to a bowler from a distance and try to express an accurate judgment on how many shots you may have is almost impossible. We would like to recognize the sponsor of this week Totally Workwear. Last week we went to Dubbo to play in the Blacket Whiteman. We had the Western District with teams traveling from Bathurst to Hazelbrook, in the Mid-West District with teams from Wellington to Nyngan and the Canobolas District with teams from Blayney, Manildra, Molong, Millthorpe, Newstead and Orange City. The winners were Mid-West with 242 points, according to Canobolas District with 193 points followed by Western District with 181 points. All the teams were well looked after by our host club in Dubbo City and we had a great time meeting new people. Our next district meeting will be held in Orange City on Monday 5 December. Ladies are invited to bring a dish to share as this will be our last meeting for the year. Fifty two bowls players celebrated the Greens on Tuesday and were happy to finish the race. Our Melbourne Cup day was a great success and appreciated by all those who participated. The last meeting of the commission for the year took place on Tuesday, after the bowls, and the information will be transmitted to the members next week. The quarterly meeting will be held on November 15th and all members are invited to take part in your club's decision-making process. The Canobolas district team that traveled to Dubbo came second in the last week. Yoka Smith, Maree Haigh-Cole and Greatbatch participated in the Parkes Presidents Day last Wednesday as our representatives. The Meg Burrell Trophy semi-final was won by Yoka Smith and Helen Lord. Now they will play the final Tuesday next against Robyn Doyle and Pat Swain. Good luck to all. Dawn Sutton is the queen of the greens after defeating Kay Kennedy by a whisker. Marie Thompson was their marker for the game. The winners of the day were chosen from playing cards designed by Lynne Madden. The winners were Narelle Ryan, Jean Kennedy and Margaret Fairburn. The winners of the losers were Ann O & # 39; Neill, Dulcie Ferguson and Robyn Mullen. Our lottery winners were Jan Oakley first and Tilley Williams second. Presentation Day and Kath McKenzie Day are November 29th, so put your name in the list. Our Christmas party will be held on December 6th, which will be our last day of bowls for the year. Each person is asked to bring a wrapped and tagged gift worth $ 15 and deliver it to Di Greatbatch before December 1st. Our birthday girl for this week was Di Whiteley. Congratulations and best wishes to Shirley and David Dean for their sixtieth wedding anniversary. 100 Club Roster for Friday is D and D Greatbatch. Mixed Traveling Roster Bowlers for Saturday is A Moad and J Oakley. Our Club Triples Championship was decided on Sunday and in a nice game pleasing to the crowd that saw the change of head several times during the match. Reg Hughes, Ned Kurta and Anthony Regan took two shots at the last attempt to win with a blow on the Allcorn brothers Tod, Sam and Ben. The winners of Friday Night Twilight this week were Will Cox, Barry Gosper and Des Cross. Well done to Will a winner in his first game. The runners-up were Laura Whiley, Kim Campbell and Andrew Gosper. Saturday Night Mini Carnival winners were Cheryl McConnell, Troy Williams and Iain Campbell with Laura Whiley, Andrew Gosper and Adam Campbell. This week's social cups on Friday and Saturday are normal. The Corner Corner Corner Jackpot this Saturday night is $ 310.


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