News of Litecoin today: the summit of Litecoin will stimulate the value of Litecoin to $ 70?

The upcoming Litecoin conference in San Francisco is highly anticipated to stimulate the rise of Litecoin (LTC) towards the end of 2018. LTC has already recorded an increase in value for a month of $ 67, almost touching the highly valued sign of $ 70. Charlie Lee, the founder of LTC, said the main goal they want to bring forward to their customers during the conference is the concept of Lightning Network and side chains that have better scalability aspects for Bitcoin. Among the guests expected to attend the conference will be the inventor of Bitcoin and Lightening Alex Bosworth. It will discuss swaps as a scalability solution.

Preparations for the summit

In order to get a high participation in the conference and the approval of the cryptocurrency by young people, LTC stated that it offers free entry to high school students and college for the second day of the conference. Furthermore, "442_Travel and Travelbybit" are also catering for free conference entries for those organizing their travels through them and paying by using LTC.

Ranking Litecoin of Travelbybit

Travelbybit makes the row LTC has the second most busy digital currency at Brisbane airport at 26.87%, surpassed only by BTC which represents 41.79%.

Litecoin's Abra Ranking

Another mobile-based venture like Coinbase, Abra, has rated LTC among twenty-five virtual currencies to collect from its fiat-to-cryptographic service. The service will initially be accessible to users in the single area of ​​payments in twenty-three euros, allowing them to directly deposit the credit card in the app facilitating the easy purchase of the desired cryptocurrencies. However, fiat withdrawal cryptocurrency services will soon be activated.

Litecoin's partnership with CasaHODL

Litecoin has collaborated with CasaHODL in connection with the CasaHODL strategy of generating routers containing Lightening Networks to transmit information and transactions with the possibility of generating extra income for users from LN transaction costs.

The Home Lightening node includes lightning skills with strong key control and security skills to operate anywhere. The pre-assembled gadget gives the user total control, easier to use and is pre-synchronized with BTC for quiet activation.

Currently, LTC is ranked 7th with a $ 3.7 billion market investment making it one of the most common digital currencies in the encrypted space. LTC activities also increased with commercial capabilities that have significantly inflated over the last three weeks.

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