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News: Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, World Economic Forum, Jair Bolsonaro

The substance is often compensated in politics by the pump. Today it meets Angela Merkel in Aachen with Emmanuel Macron, The chancellor and the president sign one in the frame of the historic town hall, where each year the Charlemagne Prize is awarded for the merits of European integration new Franco-German friendship treaty, The text is full of good intentions, but remains behind the need. After all the crises and upheavals of recent years, Merkel and Macron have failed to reignite the fire of European enthusiasm.

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You can not deny their willingness to do it, especially Macron has never let the big words go. But in the end, the mistrust prevailed. Merkel saw in the president a man who always used the word reform when it came to strengthening French interests. And Macron saw in the chancellor a woman who was anxious for fear guarding German money.

Aachen could be the last chance to save their messed up relationship after all. It would be love at the third shot.

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Cracks in the EU

One of the exciting questions of the coming days is if the EU is in the United Kingdom and European Union Gibraltar drama membership referendum but still make concessions in London. The prime minister Theresa May announced yesterday in the British House of Commons that he wanted to go to Brussels for the renegotiation. the EU He always said that there will be no restrictions, but countries like Poland and Romania are now obviously ready. It would be a mistake A clear path to London is not an act of revenge, not even a punitive action, but a sure gesture of oneself of a European Union that knows its value.

The populist meets the elite of money

the World Economic Forum It has always been a kind of class meeting of the global money elite – which, however, now feels every year, the impact it has when capitalism hits the tracks. US President Donald Trump arrived in the United States last year. He did nothing but blush the white workers' anger in the Oval Office. This year Trump remains in Washington, has enough problems with the closure.

This is what the new Brazilian head of state asks for Jair Bolsonaro the international public. As for his populist qualities, Bolsonaro must not hide behind Trump and, like the American president, he does not need to fear to meet a critical audience in Davos. When Trump invited him to dinner in Davos, he barely managed to save himself from the devotees. Unforgettable are the flattery of the CEO of Siemens Joe Kaeser, who warmly congratulates the President on his tax reform. The fact that eating before morality is a phrase that you do not have to explain to a manager.

Winner of the day

A few days ago I was in Rome, where I learned that the emperor Vespasiano had the Colosseum built in just eight years. His people then showed a planning certainty of which Michael MüllerThe mayor governor of Berlin can only dream. In any case, the revolutionary for the BER airport was in September 2006, more than 12 years ago. On the other hand, in the year 72 d.C., the requirements for the smoke extraction system were not as high as they are today, so much must be said for Müller's survey. His Senate is now at least successful, and here it is now good news to call two new areas of prohibition for Böller, in addition to those already existing around the road on 17 June. Nagger and Miesmacher might argue that this will not change the fact that Berlin disappears again in the next New Year in a toxic smoke cloud. But honestly, the böller ban is the first positive message I received from the Senate of Berlin feel. You can not be petty.

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